Friday, June 10, 2016

Donald Trump and free speech

The presidential election is a few months away yet and a lot of water/information has to pass under the bridge before that happens. I love America but some of the stuff I am hearing on the news is rather unsettling regarding the Donald Trump rallies and speeches. Violent "protesters" to be exact.

Being a maturing adult during the 60's and the 70's was an education in itself as far as protests is concerned. But right now the organized hateful violence of the opposing protesters at the Trump rallies is, in my opinion, totally wrong. It makes me wonder just what they are trying to accomplish with the hate and violence. I figure that Donald Trump should be able to speak freely so we can understand just what he is saying. If he backs down due to the violence and hate we will not get the information we need to vote our conscience.

When it comes to free speech the truth comes out eventually. good to remember the old adage: Give a man/woman enough rope and he'll/she'll hang himself/herself.

On the same vein, so far at least I have not seen all that violence and hate at The Hillary Clinton rallies except a few from the Bernie Sanders camp. Pics my curiosity as to just who is for free speech in the political arena. The media sure has their favorites and I'm thinking it just might come back to bite them over time if free speech becomes a thing of the past.
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