Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wisdom for graduates.

You are in the beginning of your life's journey, I'm approaching the end of mine. You have choices to make, consequences to pay if your choices are wrong and rewards to enjoy if you make the right choices. I've experienced both ends of that spectrum. here are a couple of facts that I've learned:

If you follow your own drummer, chances are you'll walk alone.

If you only seek happiness, chances are you'll find misery instead.

If you make your own rules, chances are you'll wind up in the slammer.

If you don't listen to the wisdom of the aged, chances are you will repeat their mistakes.

Nature always wins!

Everything you do, good or evil, will bring you a consequence, now or later.

Whatever you do stays with you your entire life.

Don't waste time envying someone who gained something through an other's loss.

Sacrifice and hard work are important tools of success.

It's best to remember that no one owes you anything you don't earn.

No one has to understand you, your needs or your problems.

It is far better to work and earn than to sit and get.

Education means nothing without common sense.

It's better to have one friend than a hundred acquaintances.

If you love someone it is permanent, that doesn't mean you can tolerate their behavior.

Trust is earned, not automatic.

It is natural to fear things, it is better to face them anyway.

Whatever it is that you do, do it the best you can.

Don't put your faith in a person. After all, we are only human. Put your faith in ideals instead. Presidents, congressmen, ministers, pastors, doctors, lawyers, wives, and husbands fail sometimes. It's best you understand that.

Be grateful for and take full advantage of the opportunity that comes with each new day.

If you make mistakes, make amends, move on as best you can and do your best not to repeat them. Accept the consequences with humility, respect and integrity. Even if you don't think they are fair.

There is no guarantee that life will be fair. Life is not guaranteed to be fun. Happiness is not guaranteed. You have to work hard for those things. Get used to it!

Cry only because of pain, not for pity.

Life takes effort. Give it your best shot. Good luck!............Joe
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