Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando Pulse massacre

The massacre in the Orlando Pulse is a horrible thing. Such a thing was almost unthinkable until now. The massacre at Wounded Knee was a long time ago but was even more horrible with the slaughter of men, women and children. The unknown tens of thousands of Jews and Christians and others murdered by the Nazis excruciating to behold, also men women and children. The Aztecs murdered scores of innocents and the be-headings in the name of God today are almost common.Massacres are not new but we will never get used to or grow callous to. All are senseless. We must continue to pray for the victims and their families.

However, we cannot put the blame for terrible acts of a few on the heads of others. The vast majority of us lead peaceful and productive lives with our fellow man. The media and alongside of them the politicians use this terrible act as some sort of platform to achieve their own personal agendas. Bad news is always good for gaining attention. Personally, I find those media and political folks despicable. I have to concentrate on the good in the world, not on the evil. Some countries are in a war with their own neighbors in attempts to sort out disagreements. Murder and torture are an every day occurrence. We need to find solutions instead of constantly believing we are helpless victims. Being safe begins with knowing how and being able to protect ourselves and those around us.

Perhaps we should be asking ourselves this question: The man that massacred all the people and wounded so many others in the Pulse, from what I understand, was unopposed by anyone else that was armed. If someone, anyone else fired back, perhaps would there have been a different outcome?
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