Friday, July 19, 2013

What's your passion?

Just what is it that you are passionate about? I don't need an answer from you but it may not be a bad idea at all to ask yourself what it is that you are passionate about. Yesterday the question came up and, quite frankly I had to think about it for a long, long time. The thought hadn't occurred to me in the recent past, maybe in the far past either. it's not a question that comes up often over dinner or while conducting business. A true artist is passionate about their art. A true musician is passionate about their music, A true athlete is passionate about their sport, and so on it goes. At least that's what we believe about high profile pursuits. How often do we hear about us common folk and our passion? Has anyone asked you about yours lately? Does anyone actually care about the person behind the counter at the fast food joint? What kind of answer would you receive if you asked? I'm thinking it would often come as a surprise. Who would think that someone working for minimum  wage, barely eking out a living would even remotely be passionate about anything? So, what's your passion?

I am passionate about a few things I guess. I detail cars for a living, I am passionate about getting them done right. I've been passionate about detailing since I was ten years old. But detailing is not my whole life is it? I am passionate about doing the right thing regarding my family to the best of my ability. I'm passionate about my faith beliefs. I can think about a few other things too but then I step back and realize that an actual passion consumes your resources physically and spiritually and mentally doesn't it? That leaves not much room for another passion does it? I need to rethink my ideas of passion I guess. For now, the one thing that I can think of that consumes my ideal of passion is this: I feel that everyone should receive their just rewards for what they do or do not do. I have never wavered from that belief and I am passionate about it. Still, is that my passion in life? A good question to ponder.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Staying cool in hot weather

According to the local weather report her in central Michigan we are beginning a heat wave. Three days or longer of over 90* temperatures and high humidity. Everything is relative isn't it? Meteorologists are warning everyone, particularly those of age to keep themselves cool in any way they can and drink lots of fluids. Unfortunately, they say to stay away from alcoholic beverages so there goes the fun part for many. But as far as the relative part, in the southern states the heat and humidity, although surely just as uncomfortable is simply a way of life in the Summertime. They manage to survive it and keep going. We can too, it's not so much the end of the world as we know it is it? I've survived hot and cool summers and lived to see the fall color explosion of a Michigan Fall.

My problem has always been that I don't much care for water. Water is great for us. I still don't care for it. I drank tea, soda, power drinks, cold and hot coffee, but if it was a surprising day if even one glass of water crossed my lips. Now I'm back to water. Gag or not, I've managed for the past month to choke down at least two quarts of water a day. I guess it's keeping me cool and hydrated like they advise. But the main ways I manage to stay cool in the hot weather are #1-simply not hiding from the heat. I just slow down a bit until I get used to it. #2- find shade when I can. #3- keep a deep pan of water somewhere so I can sit and soak  my feet for a while. (not the same water I drink though) #4- shower just before bed and I stay cool enough to get several hours sleep. I can deal with the heat much better when I am well rested. Are these good ideas? Are they enough to keep me from getting heat related health issues? Answer- So far, so good!

Stay cool............Joe

Monday, July 15, 2013

Zimmerman-Martin Case

The shooting of Trevon Martin by George Zimmerman was terrible and, most likely very avoidable. The Jury has reached a verdict in the State's charges and that particular trial is over. Regardless of how one feels about it either way, it's over and will not, accordingly to the laws of this land, be repeated. Federal charges or civil suits may be forthcoming but that is another part of our laws that will be dealt with by those involved. Now for what I'm seeing in all this totally apart from the legal proceedings. The news media and politicians acting in ways that should embarrass anyone with a grain of sense.

The news media, which is so very important to us as a means of getting pertinent information and aided by the right to free speech keeps us informed as well or better than any other country. However, in this instance I feel bombarded by opinion rather than information. And, in my opinion it is aimed at aggravating the situation by insulting everyone involved. "We are surprised that the demonstrations have been so calm!" One news reporter said.  "I find it difficult to believe there has been no bloodshed up to this point!" Said another. Huh? Sounds more like they are disappointed than surprised. We're dealing with intelligent people here. Trevon Martin's parents have been, in spite of their immense grief, calm, forthcoming and attentive to the proceedings without expressing any desire to seek revenge or threatening as much. One would believe from their actions that they will act in a lawful and civil manner. In spite of how painful this must feel. Why would the news media find others following the example of such courageous parents surprising?

Then come the politicians: "I hope that the fighting, rioting and injury is kept at a minimum!" That was one of our highest ranking elected officials and many, many others followed suit. While I'm at it, a couple religious figures were saying things along those same lines. Makes me wonder.
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