Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spare time, what to do with it?

Here it is, Saturday morning. For many it is the start of a weekend of rest and relaxation or perhaps recreation. The daily grind of working to earn a living is ended for a full two days and let the fun begin. Two day weekends are mostly a mystery to me. Duty to work calls a full 6 days a week and sometimes 7. When the rare Saturday dawns without going to work I am usually so filled with thoughts of all I can accomplish, I get stalled on which to do first and often pass the entire day without anything to show for it. Kind of like going fishing once a year and not catching anything for lack of knowledge. I lack knowledge regarding time off. Today I woke up early, all excited and full of energy, came in to work and with all that energy completed an entire days work in just a few hours. The dawn will break without any required tasks for me. What to do? What to do? Where is my list? What is most important? The weather is fantastic, should I go for a mid-winter bicycle ride? How about if I visit a sporting goods store all filled with stuff guys like? Take the clubs out and practice my golf swing in the back yard? Go have a leisurely two hour breakfast with the guys talking about sports, cars, golf and fishing? Sit in the sunroom, hunker down and read the book I bought nine months ago? Maybe I should act responsibly and finish my taxes and send them in? Pull the furniture out of the music room so it's can be painted and carpeted? Clean out my closets and throw away the clothes I never wear? Go visit a friend I've neglected and see his new apartment? Drive to the organic farm and pick up some fresh eggs, cheese and a few grass fed beef steaks? Oh my! Just thinking about all those choices makes my head spin. How does anyone else decide on what to do with spare time. Would it be any easier if I had time off more often like they do? This spare time thing is almost bothersome. I'm just plain not used to it. There is a lesson to be learned here isn't there? I run a business. It's based on scheduling and timing and quality and organization and experience. I am very successful in running my business. I do it every day. I am lousy at using that formula to make use of my spare time. I have to change that. I have to get back to that list, organize it, schedule my activities and attack one thing at a time, just like at work.

But first, I need to get used to the idea of really, really having some spare time. That will take at least two eggs, sausage, toast, orange juice, one donut and a cup of coffee. Now, if I can only find a page of daily comic strips I haven't read yet. No one has found the medallion yet! The treasure box of money is still awaiting the winner in the jewelry store showcase. It sure is fun to look at.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Comical addiction

Is addiction ever comical? Most times, certainly not! Drugs, food, alcohol, gambling addictions and stuff like that are serious matters and require immediate action. Not funny at all. I, however have found myself to have an addiction that some may consider to be comical. When it comes to this I guess I have no control. I can't seem to limit myself and lose myself in the process. It is an eye opening experience because normally I do not have an addictive personality. This situation came as a total and complete surprise.

Our local newspaper here in the Greater Grand Rapids area has made some changes in publishing frequency in order to survive in an increasingly electronic media dominated age. They now publish a home delivery hard copy of the paper only three days a week instead of the seven days they have since, like forever. I guess I'm in favor of whatever they need to do to survive. Any inconvenience on my part will be gotten over in time. It's a sign of the times and progress. Over my lifetime, it has been my personal choice to read the comic section of the daily newspaper every morning. I feel it is an excellent way of starting off the day with humor and setting the standard of not taking life far too seriously. It's worked for me for the most part. Not a bad ambition really. But now I am left with those comics only being delivered three times a week. The Press, in an effort to accommodate those of us who live and die with the comics include three full days of comics in each copy. All in chronological order of course. Cool! I thought. Simply read one page each morning until the next copy is on my doorstep. Great idea, I am totally unable to accomplish it. When I found three full days of comics in my hands my mind went all giddy and I read all three days in one setting. Now I ask you, just what do I do for the next two days?

So there my friends is the core of my "comical" addiction. I used them all up and I crave more already. I am tempted to go to the convenience store and purchase an out of city newspaper from another supplier. One I have no faith or trust in. The desire is almost overwhelming and it's only the first day. It's simply the thought of not having a fresh, new comic section in my hands tomorrow morning. The ones that were supposed to be for tomorrow are already "used." Whatever will I do? How will I survive? Odd of me to think that way don't you think? Rather comical actually.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Riddle clue #2

Because so many of you have requested to see the treasure I did some door knocking and the folks at Russell and Ballards Jewelry at 5751 Byron Center Road S.W. in Wyoming across the street from Metro Hospital have been kind enough to display it in their showroom.
I have no nice place like that to display it and show it properly. A huge thank you to them.

Clue #2
"Yes, it's in Wyoming all right. 1,760 yards and what I don't know. But it's close."

That ought to give you something to hang your hat on. Good luck to you! There is more information on, in the Tuesday January 31st editions of the Grand Rapids Press and Advance newspapers. A really huge thank you goes out to them also. Thanks to them the riddle and clues reach tens of thousands of people by putting it right on their doorstep. Greg takes it a little further and has a site dealing specifically with the riddle that thousands frequently visit to keep up with the latest details.

I hope you are enjoying this year's hunt wherever you are and however you wish to participate. One couple explained to me how they take the riddle and clues with them as they visit friends who are limited in mobility. They say it brings up lively discussions. Everyone has their own way of enjoying this free, community activity. I have to admit, I have a great time too.

The weather is cooperating today so get out there any way you can. A treasure awaits!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Wandering aimlessly

While preparing for the onslaught of treasure hunters seeking the next clue tomorrow I am faced with a few facts there is usually no time to even consider:

It is inevitable that some type of energy producing material will replace gasoline....Sooner than later.

I am definitely not running for president this time around. My super pac ran out of money.

The difference between youth and age; You don't grow out of things anymore.

At the rate things are moving, money will be completely replaced by plastic pretty darn soon.

Half the activities I could do 30 years ago are illegal now.

Those of us who study history are experiencing deja vue all over again.

The occupy movement is missing the boat, they should be taking over the homes of sports stars.

Facebook costs will increase and services decrease in direct relationship to it's public sale of stock.

With all the electronic gear, satellites, computer generated maps and knowledge available, no one really knows with any degree if certainty what the weather will be like in 10 days.

If someone is making a pest of them selves, lend them money.

As much as I don't understand the world today, to my kids they will be "the good old days."

Global warming happens every year, so does global cooling.

When I attend a church service, I'm not there because of the pastor or minister. it's their boss.

Some days I'm lost, some days I'm not, most days I'm just sorting out which I am.

Rolled up newspapers burn better in the fireplace than an E-Book.

Question: Why is it laws seem to restrict the victim rather than the crook?

I tend to write dumb things when I am sleepy and nervous.

Enjoy the day, tomorrow is a new clue, maybe it'll surprise you. The prize goes on display tomorrow. I'll tell you where.

For the clue, check out the Grand Rapids Press, Advance newspapers or

Greg will probably have it on his site too
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