Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sometimes I surprise myself

I actually solved a computer problem all by myself! Yup! I did it. Now, to most folks that may not be any big deal but to me it's a major deal. So, anyway I'm back on line with the blog. Somehow I clicked onto some other program and I could not get out of it to get to the blog. Better now, Joe handled it just fine. I can't stop gloating here.

The art work is completed by my new artist. Now it's on to the printer and bindery to put one of my children's stories 9nto book form. Hopefully on time for the Christmas season. That'd be good because it is a sort of Christmas story. I am pleased to have the art work in my hands and even the cover. On to the next phase. Kind of exciting. "All About Don" One of Boompa's little stories. Different than having "Joe's Story" Published.

Back to work for now. Had to fix the mess I made with my tech ignorance with the blog. Took a lot of time but I'm way less ignorant now. Father's Day tomorrow, one thing I can't say enough:

"Thanks Dad!"
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