Friday, June 4, 2010

Funny bone tickling joke

Occasionally, most of us run across a joke that keeps us laughing for a long time. You know, it just sort of tickles your funny bone. Kind of like when you hear a tune and whistle it the rest of the day. We all have varying senses of what we find humerous, that's why there are so many differents types and genre's of jokes. But, a friend happened by this morning in search of a cup of coffee for which he could exchange a joke. I poured the coffee, he told the joke. It was a good deal all the way around. Luckily I didn't spill the coffee.

An old man was laying on his death bed, his faithful wife at the bedside to bring him what comfort she could. He woke up from his coma like sleep for a few minutes and beckoned her to put her ear close so he could speak. She placed her ear by his mouth and he began to talk quietly: "You've been with me all these years all throuh the bad times. You were there when I got fired from my first job, when I opened a small store and got shot, when the business went under, when we lost the house, and now you are here while my health deteriorates." She nodded her head in agreement. Then he looked deep into her eyes and said, "I think you're bad luck!"

You never know just what will make you laugh next do you?.......................Joe

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cats, dogs, rain, roofs and bicycles

Speaking of animals, it's raining cats and dogs around here. I ran across an explanation for that phrase quite some time ago. Not having the time to verify it I'll accept it as a believable theory for now. It seems that a few centuries back when people built homes out of whatever they could find, the roofs were made from straw or long grass or even clods of sod on a wooden frame. When bad weather came around many of the animals were brought into the home for protection. But, for some reason the cats and dogs were kept in small coveys in the roof. When the rain came down in torrents it washed away part of the roofing and down would come the cats and dogs. Sounds believable to me I guess. I just wonder why the dogs and cats were banished to the roof while pigs and cattle, sheep and mules came inside?

I suppose we all have our unexplainable little quirks don't we? One of my favorite things to do is to walk in the rain. The more rain the better. Riding a bicycle is great too. However, one day I was riding a bicycle on the sidewalk after about 3 inches of rain came down within an hour. I was on the sidewalk because I felt the car drivers had enough to watch out for what with all the puddles and fallen tree branches without dodging a bicycle too. As I looked up from the sidewalk I noticed a truck driver coming in the opposite direction on the road. His eyes were huge and his mouth was open as if to yell something. In another second I found out what it was that caused his discomfort. Bwoosch! Although he tried to avoid it, his tires hit a deep mud puddle in the road as he went by and the wave he created came over me like a Tsunami, splashing me and knocking me over sideways onto the soaked and muddy grass on the side of the road. No injuries but cause for a good laugh I guess. I must have looked like some sort of primeval earth creature. I didn't find any cats or dogs though.

So, there we have it. Cats, dogs, mud puddles and not too aware bicycle riders. One of the greatest gifts of civilization is written history so we may learn from it. That way we don't have to chase our tails looking to break the boredom. And then again, you could just say that I'm all wet!..............Joe

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dogs, mutts and names

When it comes to man's best friend what used to be a mutt is now some kind of "special, limited edition, designer" breed. I'd much prefer a good old mutt but I guess being a mutt is much too ordinary. Nobody wants to own an ordinary dog anymore. There are no longer any "accidents" that mess up long established blood lines, only "Oh my gosh" moments when a new, never before heard about breed is established. "Shephounds, Bullnauzers, Kerry Blue Danes, Pooschus, Malaweiners, Beagoundlands, JackRusselhuahas, etc, etc. are so commonplace nothing is a surprise anymore. Of course all these new breeds come with a hefty price tag too whereas a mutt was either free or very cheap. Another reason to lean towards a mutt.

Real dogs have enough strange names: Barbet, Klee Kat, Elo, Dandi Dinmont, Hawaiian Poi, Aidi, Bully Kutta, Kishu, Hovawart, Anglo-Francais de petite Venerte, Porcelaine, McNab, Beauceron, Akbash, Blackmouth Cur, Cesky Fouser, Tatra and Chippiparai are examples. I personally think there are enough strange Monika's placed on dogs without dreaming up all these other crazy handles.

A dog is a dog no matter what you call it. I've had breeds with magnificent blood lines and mutts with such messed up blood lines you weren't quite sure if they were a dog or some long believed extinct prehistoric marsupial. For that reason I'll not soon be acquiring a multi named, super snobby, heretofore unheard of animal. Just thought I'd mention that in case you were the slightest bit interested. .........................Joe
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