Thursday, October 17, 2013

Advanced Cell Technology stock

Well, the old government is up and running again so we can all sit back and breathe easy for the time being. Now I have a chance to play catch up on weeks old correspondence. The first letter on the top of the pile is from a friend who has earned a bunch of money buying and selling stocks. I value his opinion. He's proven he knows what's happening with certain stocks. In his opinion, the stock to buy right now is a company called "Advanced Cell Technology" As he relates it, this company has made some sort of ground breaking discovery linked to Diabetes and some other life changing disease. The stock price is cheaper than a 10 cent candy bar and he figures it'll go up over 50 times in value before the end of the year. If I buy it now, I'll be able to buy a new truck in January, he says. I think, "I wish I had a few hundred or thousand to invest in stocks because he's almost always on top of these things." Just my luck, no discretionary income at this time. He says he'll lend me some money but I do not borrow money no matter how large or small the opportunity. Good old Dave Ramsey has convinced me of that.

several years ago he mentioned a stock for an oil company he saw promise in. I bought $300 worth at 78 cents a share. Nothing happened. Not right away anyway so I truthfully forgot all about it. Until the stock broker I bought it through called me and asked if I was ready to sell it. I replied that I might, if the price was right. He said it was now worth $29 a share. I sold right there and then abd paid off the tuition for my kids schooling. As you might guess, I am so very tempted right now after that experience. However, no money is no money no matter how you say it and as I said, borrowing is not an option. There goes my opportunity for a new truck.

Now it's on to the rest of the pile of letters. I gotta stick with my plan. So far, so good. I haven't made much in stocks but I haven't lost my butt on them either. My buddy says "no risk, no gain." Hmmm!
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