Monday, December 1, 2014

Not everyone gets a college degree

Of late, and by that I mean for several decades now, the emphasis in education has been in acquiring a college degree. "Get a college education or you won't amount to anything!" Although I agree that some folks need a higher education and can very well make good use of it to better themselves, I also feel it is not realistic to think that a higher education is for everyone. And, from my way of thinking it is a disservice to millions of people in the work force to push the idea that they are less important or failures if they do manual labor of any kind. Look out the window and just about every facet of our daily lives depends on manual labor to make it work. Electricity, telephone, water, transportation, sewer, roads, vehicles, buildings, clothing, food, simply everything needs manual labor somewhere down the line. Much of it does not require a college degree. In my opinion it serves no useful purpose to discredit those that choose to perform manual labor or those that cannot obtain a degree for whatever reason. In years past it was considered a privilege to be in training to learn a manual skill. Today, not so much. If manual skills were taught in school more often we'd have a lot less people on the welfare roles, a lot less victims of society, a lot less people walking the streets and getting into trouble, a lot less people resorting to drugs to feel good.

I read about a tribe on another continent that was starving not because they couldn't grow crops or tend to cattle or fish.

They were starving because they were taught that those types of labor were beneath their dignity.

They believed that starving was superior to working to feed themselves.

Millions of people are being taught that today.
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