Friday, September 12, 2014

New Story Book finally printed and in hand for sale

At long last the children's story/coloring book: "All About Don" is in print and selling quite well indeed. Its been a long journey but the results are excellent. The illustrations drawn by 12 year old Alyssa Lake put the story of a short little deer with a big nose into a cold and snowy wonderland a child can see and understand and enjoy time and time again. With the coloring they can participate too. That's why its called a "Look, Listen, Think and Do Book".Springrove 5 and 10 variety store in Wyoming has them on the shelf and many of you who have been following the whole process have stopped nto my office at J&S to pick some up as gifts for children and grandchildren in your lives. I've been told its an easily read and amusing tale of a dangerous predicament with a happy and surprising outcome. As a writer those comments give me a great deal of satisfaction.

Thank you to everyone for your encouragement and support over the years. Tell everyone you know that they are available at my office: 5724- Clay Ave. S.W. in Wyoming Mi. or Springrove 5 and 10 variety store, also in Wyoming. $10.00 each. A relevant story just in time for Christmas.
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