Friday, November 14, 2014

More on publishing children's book

Yikes! Computer ignorance is still a major problem when it comes to retrieving, and putting together all the stories, poems and what nots I've stored electronically over the past few years. When I hand wrote or typed hard copies the paper was the issue but I could always find what I was looking for somewhere in the numerous piles. It simply took time. Now, since the piles are gone and due to a computer crash or two and moving the records from one computer to another and then another and then to still another the folder with the stories is temporarily lost. Temporarily being the proper term here though. They are there to be found, no problem there. It's just me and my mixed up mumbo jumbo hodgepodge of passwords and file names composed with an overdeveloped sense of privacy. I suppose I'm simply rambling here but it helps with the guilt of not properly educating myself in the tools of electronic writing and publishing. Looking for some progress to report next time. Today I shovel snow for the first time.
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