Monday, January 30, 2012

Wandering aimlessly

While preparing for the onslaught of treasure hunters seeking the next clue tomorrow I am faced with a few facts there is usually no time to even consider:

It is inevitable that some type of energy producing material will replace gasoline....Sooner than later.

I am definitely not running for president this time around. My super pac ran out of money.

The difference between youth and age; You don't grow out of things anymore.

At the rate things are moving, money will be completely replaced by plastic pretty darn soon.

Half the activities I could do 30 years ago are illegal now.

Those of us who study history are experiencing deja vue all over again.

The occupy movement is missing the boat, they should be taking over the homes of sports stars.

Facebook costs will increase and services decrease in direct relationship to it's public sale of stock.

With all the electronic gear, satellites, computer generated maps and knowledge available, no one really knows with any degree if certainty what the weather will be like in 10 days.

If someone is making a pest of them selves, lend them money.

As much as I don't understand the world today, to my kids they will be "the good old days."

Global warming happens every year, so does global cooling.

When I attend a church service, I'm not there because of the pastor or minister. it's their boss.

Some days I'm lost, some days I'm not, most days I'm just sorting out which I am.

Rolled up newspapers burn better in the fireplace than an E-Book.

Question: Why is it laws seem to restrict the victim rather than the crook?

I tend to write dumb things when I am sleepy and nervous.

Enjoy the day, tomorrow is a new clue, maybe it'll surprise you. The prize goes on display tomorrow. I'll tell you where.

For the clue, check out the Grand Rapids Press, Advance newspapers or

Greg will probably have it on his site too

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