Friday, February 3, 2012

Comical addiction

Is addiction ever comical? Most times, certainly not! Drugs, food, alcohol, gambling addictions and stuff like that are serious matters and require immediate action. Not funny at all. I, however have found myself to have an addiction that some may consider to be comical. When it comes to this I guess I have no control. I can't seem to limit myself and lose myself in the process. It is an eye opening experience because normally I do not have an addictive personality. This situation came as a total and complete surprise.

Our local newspaper here in the Greater Grand Rapids area has made some changes in publishing frequency in order to survive in an increasingly electronic media dominated age. They now publish a home delivery hard copy of the paper only three days a week instead of the seven days they have since, like forever. I guess I'm in favor of whatever they need to do to survive. Any inconvenience on my part will be gotten over in time. It's a sign of the times and progress. Over my lifetime, it has been my personal choice to read the comic section of the daily newspaper every morning. I feel it is an excellent way of starting off the day with humor and setting the standard of not taking life far too seriously. It's worked for me for the most part. Not a bad ambition really. But now I am left with those comics only being delivered three times a week. The Press, in an effort to accommodate those of us who live and die with the comics include three full days of comics in each copy. All in chronological order of course. Cool! I thought. Simply read one page each morning until the next copy is on my doorstep. Great idea, I am totally unable to accomplish it. When I found three full days of comics in my hands my mind went all giddy and I read all three days in one setting. Now I ask you, just what do I do for the next two days?

So there my friends is the core of my "comical" addiction. I used them all up and I crave more already. I am tempted to go to the convenience store and purchase an out of city newspaper from another supplier. One I have no faith or trust in. The desire is almost overwhelming and it's only the first day. It's simply the thought of not having a fresh, new comic section in my hands tomorrow morning. The ones that were supposed to be for tomorrow are already "used." Whatever will I do? How will I survive? Odd of me to think that way don't you think? Rather comical actually.

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