Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spare time, what to do with it?

Here it is, Saturday morning. For many it is the start of a weekend of rest and relaxation or perhaps recreation. The daily grind of working to earn a living is ended for a full two days and let the fun begin. Two day weekends are mostly a mystery to me. Duty to work calls a full 6 days a week and sometimes 7. When the rare Saturday dawns without going to work I am usually so filled with thoughts of all I can accomplish, I get stalled on which to do first and often pass the entire day without anything to show for it. Kind of like going fishing once a year and not catching anything for lack of knowledge. I lack knowledge regarding time off. Today I woke up early, all excited and full of energy, came in to work and with all that energy completed an entire days work in just a few hours. The dawn will break without any required tasks for me. What to do? What to do? Where is my list? What is most important? The weather is fantastic, should I go for a mid-winter bicycle ride? How about if I visit a sporting goods store all filled with stuff guys like? Take the clubs out and practice my golf swing in the back yard? Go have a leisurely two hour breakfast with the guys talking about sports, cars, golf and fishing? Sit in the sunroom, hunker down and read the book I bought nine months ago? Maybe I should act responsibly and finish my taxes and send them in? Pull the furniture out of the music room so it's can be painted and carpeted? Clean out my closets and throw away the clothes I never wear? Go visit a friend I've neglected and see his new apartment? Drive to the organic farm and pick up some fresh eggs, cheese and a few grass fed beef steaks? Oh my! Just thinking about all those choices makes my head spin. How does anyone else decide on what to do with spare time. Would it be any easier if I had time off more often like they do? This spare time thing is almost bothersome. I'm just plain not used to it. There is a lesson to be learned here isn't there? I run a business. It's based on scheduling and timing and quality and organization and experience. I am very successful in running my business. I do it every day. I am lousy at using that formula to make use of my spare time. I have to change that. I have to get back to that list, organize it, schedule my activities and attack one thing at a time, just like at work.

But first, I need to get used to the idea of really, really having some spare time. That will take at least two eggs, sausage, toast, orange juice, one donut and a cup of coffee. Now, if I can only find a page of daily comic strips I haven't read yet. No one has found the medallion yet! The treasure box of money is still awaiting the winner in the jewelry store showcase. It sure is fun to look at.

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