Friday, September 12, 2014

New Story Book finally printed and in hand for sale

At long last the children's story/coloring book: "All About Don" is in print and selling quite well indeed. Its been a long journey but the results are excellent. The illustrations drawn by 12 year old Alyssa Lake put the story of a short little deer with a big nose into a cold and snowy wonderland a child can see and understand and enjoy time and time again. With the coloring they can participate too. That's why its called a "Look, Listen, Think and Do Book".Springrove 5 and 10 variety store in Wyoming has them on the shelf and many of you who have been following the whole process have stopped nto my office at J&S to pick some up as gifts for children and grandchildren in your lives. I've been told its an easily read and amusing tale of a dangerous predicament with a happy and surprising outcome. As a writer those comments give me a great deal of satisfaction.

Thank you to everyone for your encouragement and support over the years. Tell everyone you know that they are available at my office: 5724- Clay Ave. S.W. in Wyoming Mi. or Springrove 5 and 10 variety store, also in Wyoming. $10.00 each. A relevant story just in time for Christmas.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Health insurance/Affordable Care Act

Is every citizen of the United States required to participate in the Affordable Care Act health insurance options? RE: Government employees, politicians, Amish, etc. Is any faction of the citizenry exempt? Is there a legal path to exemption? Can one be a conscientious objector? Also, are illegal immigrants required to participate in some special illegal way? If so, is that actually legal? Is it legal to take a working person's money and give it to an able bodied/ non working person to provide something they otherwise could/should earn for themselves?  Just curious. Nothing is ever quite as advertised.

Is the national health care system prepared with resources and manpower to deal with a forced system? With the national debt rising daily, how will the treasury pay the health cost to an ever increasing non-tax paying population?

Not saying there is a problem here, I'm not that smart.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sometimes I surprise myself

I actually solved a computer problem all by myself! Yup! I did it. Now, to most folks that may not be any big deal but to me it's a major deal. So, anyway I'm back on line with the blog. Somehow I clicked onto some other program and I could not get out of it to get to the blog. Better now, Joe handled it just fine. I can't stop gloating here.

The art work is completed by my new artist. Now it's on to the printer and bindery to put one of my children's stories 9nto book form. Hopefully on time for the Christmas season. That'd be good because it is a sort of Christmas story. I am pleased to have the art work in my hands and even the cover. On to the next phase. Kind of exciting. "All About Don" One of Boompa's little stories. Different than having "Joe's Story" Published.

Back to work for now. Had to fix the mess I made with my tech ignorance with the blog. Took a lot of time but I'm way less ignorant now. Father's Day tomorrow, one thing I can't say enough:

"Thanks Dad!"

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Joblessness of young males increasing.

The advances and declines of jobs regarding women not withstanding, I have been concerned for decades about the work ethic of the male population in the United States and more specifically, right here in this part of Michigan where I live. Being involved in a mentoring program for decades I had the opportunity too hear dozens of points of view on just why these guys couldn't find a job. Perspective, as influential as it is, is not necessarily the truth. How would you feel if you grew up with absolutely no expectations of ever finding any kind of job? Add to that a constant barrage of assaults on yourself as a person of worth. So many males grow up in that sort of atmosphere and as a result have absolutely no hope other than having to be taken care of by either the government or another type of enabler. I'm not saying that the entire blame for the high rate of joblessness lies with the parents/parent or school or neighborhood or society in general but, in my opinion at least part of it does. A male or female raised without encouragement has a huge amount of negativity to overcome in the job market. they are not expected to do much by those who are supposed to care so they don't expect much and don't accomplish much and then are justified in their poverty. About the only thing they feel they can do is produce children by whoever they happen to be with at the time. After all, producing a child is a "manly" thing to do in that world. When all else fails, produce  a child and don't be concerned about supporting that child either, the government will do it for you.

The answer to this crisis? Who am I to say? I was raised in an entirely different atmosphere. I was encouraged to go out and accomplish something on a daily basis. I was told regularly that if I made a mistake I would learn from it and not make that mistake again. I was also told that I would pay the consequences of my choices, good or bad. Sometimes my choices were not so good but my folks didn't take the consequences away. Instead, they stood by me while I paid the price. They reminded me that I was strong enough to move on. Dozens and dozens of the young males I talked to in the mentoring program did not experience that. It must be a difficult situation to deal with.

As far as an answer, I believe wholeheartedly that young men can learn to overcome the past and develop into productive and happy individuals with the proper training and realistic expectations. Beginning with the most rudimentary issues of proper speech, personal cleanliness, manners, issues of respect, acceptance of consequences, handling of money and achievement of personal goals. A big order I know. It's far easier to simply pay them off with some type of assistance, telling them that they are a product of their environment and they can always blame someone else for their situation.

I wonder when we will, as a nation of individuals, finally turn back the clock and do the right thing, not the easy thing? The reason I'm bringing this up today is that I received a thank you phone call from one of the guys involved in the mentoring over 15 years ago. He didn't have much time but he just wanted to tell me I was right. He could learn and get a job if he tried. He is working at the same job for over 8 years now after several trials and errors. He got married a while back, he and his wife bought a small starter home last year and they hope to have children some day. Wow! Can't beat hearing something like that on a beautiful Spring day.

Friday, May 16, 2014

What a year this has been already.

In a little over a month the days will begin to get shorter already. Huh? There was snow his morning in the upper part of the state. Count on Michigan to keep a person humble.

I believe I have finally found an artist to illustrate some of my children's stories.
I've passed the 25 pound mark in losing weight after my life style change almost two and a half years ago.
My grass is growing so fast I don't dare let my two granddaughters play on the lawn in fear they will be lost in the overgrowth.
I received a grand total of 2736 thank you emails and letters for the 33 years of the Silver Treasure Riddle. I am so very grateful to vereyone who participated.

I have been detailing cars since 1954, I have never been as busy in this time of year as I am now due to the relentless and long winter weather in these parts. It's kind of fun.

I have to get back to work for now. But hello and good bye and hope to get back soon.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Getting caught up on writing stuff.

It's amazing to me how every day things can get backed up over the years. The treasure hunt came first in so many ways. I felt a real responsibility to make each and every year's game the best I possibly could. I don't have to do that right now. Deep breath here. Now I look at the pile of writing I've done and think, "How will I ever get it published?" the stories I've written are for children and parents to enjoy. Definitely not Dr. Seuss material but to me a bit of a legacy to my folks and thousands of other parents that took the time to make up tall tales of imaginary situations and then sit their kids down and bring them into the world of fantasy, whimsy and happy and surprising endings while in the company of loving family. My folks, particularly my dad had a story to tell when I wasn't quite settled for bed or needed a slight nudge toward the spirit of the season on a cold night. I will never forget that loving time spent listening and dreaming.

I wrote "Joe's Story" because I felt I received that memory back for a reason. There is a lot of good in the book and the people in it. We need to hear good things about everyday people don't we? When it comes to our kids, I believe to the bottom of my heart that there are few gifts as great as sitting down and telling a story to our kids. Be it from a book or from our own imaginations. In light of that I have recorded several of the stories I told my own kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces. Along with some silly stuff too. Kids need silly stuff to help them laugh when they don't feel quite so good. I can think of no greater way to honor my caring and loving parents and the hundreds and thousands just like them.

I do have a few problems along the way to the publisher though and that's what I'm working on at the moment and for the foreseeable to future maybe.

One: I'm not the best writer. I need help there......Two: I am not an artist. No way. Need help there and so far have not found the right one to accept an agreement.....Three: Knowing it takes real talent to "get" published, I doubt that will ever happen by a legitimate publisher so my alternative is self publishing. That takes more money than I have at this time so I am looking into somehow doing it on a computer.

All of that seems to be almost insurmountable if taken in one pill. However, having more time now I hope to, one step at a time, find the answers and get something into book form as quickly as possible. that's my plan and I'm sticking to it.

That's what's going on in my life right now. As you can see, never a dull moment.....I wish you well!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thank you all you treasure hunters!

It's been a couple weeks now since Robert Lyon and his two grandkids located the medallion and traded it in for the 33rd and final Annual Silver Treasure Hunt Riddle highlighting the ever present danger of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Even with all the cold and snow hundreds of hardy, dedicated  people sought and dug and scraped and moved to another area and started all over again. Even Robert took months to move around the corner to the correct location. It has been a tremendous pleasure to have met and spoke with so many wonderful people. You've been great and helped me move on from amnesia in many ways.

In these past weeks my mailbox has been filled with hundreds of letters of gratitude and stories of searching and sharing with family and friends. The over 6300 emails were totally unexpected but brought me hours and hours of humorous tales and fruitless search and incorrect conclusions and close calls. There is no way I can express how much I appreciate all of them except a huge Thank You!. 33 years is a long time but now it seems like a flash in time. That's the way life is I guess. I only provided an excuse for all of you to have a good time. I believe that if it hadn't been me you would have found some other way to enjoy the winter months. But I'm glad I was there. What surprised me then and now as the number of people from around the world who played the game from wherever they were only for the mental challenge even though they could not possibly win without retrieving the medallion. And, on top of that just how close they came using only a map and whatever information they could glean from the Internet. so many people became much more than treasure hunters too. My life is richer because of all of you.

Although the annual Silver Treasure Hunt is done and over there are a one or two ideas mulling over in my head. Some time in the future I'll be sharing them with you. The treasure hunt may be over but I'm not dead. Right?

Many thanks to all you wonderful people who have made the last 33 years a fantastic experience.

Joe Cramer AKA? "The Wyoming Riddler"
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