Sunday, March 26, 2017

Health care VS politics

A nice part about blogging is that, if I am willing to suffer the consequences, I can pretty much say what I want. I am not under a microscope like politicians are. Our president, Donald Trump is fast finding out that he does not have the totalitarian clout he had on his TV show. Th opposition party, the democrats, as well as some republicans are fast finding out our president is not afraid to challenge the status quo. This entire process is, in  my opinion a vast improvement over recent history in Washington and will result hopefully in an eventual cleaning up of the unsustainable Affordable Care Act.

There is so much hate being expressed toward Donald Trump by self absorbed democrats I find it ridiculous. Just as I found some of the ridicule of Obama when he resided in the white house for 8 years by republicans with no faith in the constitution. We all have to admit that not any one politician or one political party has all the answers. It is a government of constant discussion, change and compromise. All that hate rhetoric does nothing to further the goals and life experience of the American people.

Seeing the challenge to the Affordable Care Act crash and burn was not really unexpected was it? I don't think so anyway. I believe the challenge was mounted more to test the waters than anything else. President Trump hasn't been in office or even politics for that matter, long enough to gather his troops around him. Ronald Reagan, although also coming from the entertainment industry, was intensely involved in politics for decades. Barack Obama, although not a very accomplished political force had several things going for him, not the least of which was that he was a man of color in a time when a huge portion of our society wanted to make a statement regarding racism. He presided over a pretty clean administration and it was most enjoyable seeing his example as a father and husband. I feel his presidency accomplished a lot as far as people of color feeling less disenfranchised and more empowered. Just like President Ford, not particularly great but a stabilizing element for many. Barack was much too socialist for my liking though. Just like Bernie Sanders.

The next four years are going to be a continuous string of challenges and surprises. Keeping the faith in our constitution will help a lot with the anxiety of it all. Holding all politicians accountable for their actions is our job.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The United States and how it works

Seeing the news reports from a variety of sources to keep the bias even is what I believe to be one of the greatest benefits in living in these United States. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing when it is not suppressed by non-believers.

It is no secret that millions of people are not very pleased by the result of our recent presidential election. Think what they may about that, Donald Trump is now president. Where our constitutional form odf government and the division of power comes in seems to be lost in the minds of those unhappy souls. Personally, I find all this hullabaloo to be a perfect example of how it works. I believe in it. I've seen it work, for better or for worse over the course of my lifetime. We do not have a royal family with Kings, queens and princes ad princesses who run the country unfettered. Our form of government has built in checks and balances when everyone is doing their job. Of the people, for the people. Not everyone is going to be happy all the time are they now?

What is particularly refreshing right now is that the lifelong political elite on all sides of the political scale, cannot get their own way. They are bellyaching like a bunch of spoiled brats because they do not automatically get their own way, have to get off their butts and do political battle. That's what open, free speech discussions and compromise and checks and balances is all about.

The United States rocks! I believe in it when it is run according to the way it was intended. Four separate branches to keep things on te up and up. It's working better than ever right now.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Choose happiness today

Simply a short "Pollyanna" type post today for us adult type folks.

What with all the bickering back and forth regarding politics and life styles and cultural and religious differences. How bout we just set it aside for today and accept that happiness flows from inside us and is as often as not, a matter of choice. Keeping in mind a million dollar government grant funded research commission, after a solid year of interviewing hundreds of people found that those of us who merely "think" we are happy, are just as happy as those of us who "actually are: happy.

So, I offer the suggestion that today, if you aren't actually happy, at least give an attempt to think youare happy and thoroughly enjoy the rest of your day blissfully and giddy. Make it your choice without any interference fro any humbug naysayers.

Friday, March 17, 2017

NCAA Basketball tournament- Gonzaga

Every year for decades I have looked forward to the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament as a solid way of surviving the last few weeks of hard winter. The competition is intense and filled with college age emotion and energy. Bringing the thrill into our living room in a bang, bang, fast paced fashion for days and weeks. Put that with the opportunity many lower seeded teams take to surprise the higher seeded teams by whipping them in jaw dropping offensive and/or defensive battles from one end of the court to the other, Loser goes home. Whew! Gets me going just writing about it.

This year, my long time favorite, Gonzaga is a top seed and looking smarter, better and fresher and more athletic than ever before. From the coach through the player line up I am impressed by what I see. Not only was their record of 32-1 pretty dad gone good but the main reason I follow them and root for them is their standards of discipline, integrity and fair play. I am all about that sort of stuff, especially at the college level. Actually I do not follow professional basketball any more. In my opinion in recent history, since the mid 1980's, although the players are exceptional athletes, I find them, for the most part far too mechanical in the game. The emotions are more personal and selfish for me to be bothered with. Give me a local high school basketball game with the likes of Godwin High School and I'm a happy camper.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

White privilege and culture

I was accused of being a result of "white Privilege" a few weeks back. "All my upbringing was based upon white privilege and all the benefits surrounding that privilege are denied people of color." Wow! I never knew that hard work, social adjustment and cultural assimilation was a privilege. According the the critic, simply having parents that cared and loved and set a good example was also a privilege denied people of color. Although I highly regard this person's education and knowledge in many areas, I find I have to take issue with her analogy. Over the course of history various cultures an societies have enslaved people of other ethnicity, religious, color or other reason. Modern society is working on that. Personally, in my lifetime alone we have made excellent strides forward in that regard. Acknowledging those issues and taking steps, difficult steps at that takes time even though we'd like to solve them yesterday. All that being said, her statement about my being a result of white privilege, in my opinion was both ignorant and lacked common sense. Ignorant because it is based upon someone else's, rather radical opinion she has read and not through her own experience in my shoes. Lacking in common sense in that it denies the ideal of the nuclear family and matters of love and sacrifice of caring and responsible parents. The nuclear family is not a privilege!

In my opinion, based on my life experience and observation, much of life is what you make of it. We are not all guaranteed happiness, financial security or an environment of total acceptance regardless of personal behavior or life style. Good fences make good neighbors. In other words, some rules are appropriate in all facets of life. Survival is nature and society is predicated by observation and adaptation to certain norms, avoidance of dangerous behavior, social patterns, language, culture etc. In other words assimilation to one's chosen environment. Not total giving up of one's self but following certain accepted standards. In this case I mean those of the United States.

That is my opinion and I'm sticking to it. When everyone thinks they can act any which way they want, dress any way they want, speak any way they want, and simply throw accusations at those people who are working hard to improve their lives and others around them because they have better lives as a result of that hard work and call it privilege, I believe they in fact are denying themselves the opportunity to participate in that "privileged" life experience. Not the ones they are accusing.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Use of initials instead of words= A pet peeve

POTUS- SCOTUS BOGUS? Whatever! How in the world am I to understand every cotton picking set of initials someone in the know throws out there. I realize speaking an entire long name can take oodles of time. RE: NAACP- NSPCA etc. But come on now, I work for a living, I don't have time to decipher every set if initials for every little name someone is simply too hurried or lazy to actually say the whole thing. I think those who use bunches of initials are actually elitist and want to appear superior. In my humble opinion it's getting ridiculous of late. I realize it's maybe just me but that's OK, I understand me. I don't understand a bunch of capital letters so much. Would you have guessed these?

MMATG- My mechanic at the garage
ATCHK- All those Catholics having kids
HWPUS- Hard working people of the United States
GCTV- Goofy comedians on TV
BWRO- Bloggers who rattle on

I rest my case!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Health insurance and the Affordable Care Act

What a mess this health care situation eh? I am impressed by how more transparent the negotiations are as opposed to the quick shoo in of the ACA was. Myself I find it a vast improvement on just how our government elect works. In my opinion, eventually, after the smoke clears there will be some sort of answer. Of course, not everyone will be happy with it but that is how negotiation works with wins and losses on all sides. And I do mean all sides. When it comes to health care there are far more than two opposing opinions. Even within political parties. I don't have the answer but that is why I vote, hopefully the officials I help elect will surround themselves with those experts who are knowledgable enough to come up with a reasonably acceptable solution.

Ah, that ever so elusive solution we all hope and pray for. I think we all agree that we would appreciate having adequate health care available when we need it without having to sell the farm and lose everything. whether it is a "right" or a "benefit" depends on who you are asking. so we won't get into that. But, naturally on a subject so important to all of us, and including the fact that I am expressing myself here, it is most obvious I am about to put in my two cents worth. Yes I am!

In my humble opinion, Until all people receiving pay and benefits from any type of government agency, including but not limited to: mayors, commissioners, judges, city workers, county workers, teachers, aids, bus drivers, governors, representatives, senators, and presidents, a fair and equitable settlement on health care will not be achieved. If government workers, educational employees and elected officials do not have skin in the game, truly universal health care insurance availabl to everyone will remain impossible to attain.
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