Thursday, January 26, 2012

Politics and driving

In my usual escape from reality around this time the thought passes through my mind to jump into the race for president. No fooling around with local, state or legislature positions for me. No siree bob! Get right to the heart of the matter by becoming president right off the bat. Why, my ideas would set this country on end and get the citizens back in line. Virtually eliminating unemployment by doing away with unemployment payments. Instead, when a person gets laid off or fired my administration would give them one check for a million dollars. That would be all the benefits they would ever receive from government tax money, forever. If they can't make that work then they would have to move into a government complex where the government would feed, clothe and house them in a government complex of eight by eight rooms. Sorry, no TV, booze, hunting, fishing, sports, personal property or pornography. Just government authorized books and a community exercise area. Continuous psychological evaluation and behavior modification would be mandatory. The idea being that if they can't act responsibly and survive in a free republic/democratic society they would be better served by a socialist/communistic over sear.

Taxes, of course would be paid by everyone claiming to be a U.S. citizen. Anyone found not to be a citizen or legal resident would have all personal belongings confiscated to help defray the costs of deportation and any excess given to health care for the poor. Taxes also would be a set rate and automatically collected. Thereby eliminating the IRS. The rate would be determined by the least possible costs of running all government services and payment of the federal deficit within one generation/15 years. All local, state of federal spending would be forbidden by law to exceed tax revenue.

Law makers and virtually any government employee connected with the law making process would be required to work every day until any critical legislation was properly discussed and passed. Government shutdowns jeopardizing services or the welfare of our citizens would be against the law and punishable by imprisonment and loss of job. Strict but obviously necessary for the protection of our citizens.

Absolutely no one without proper identification would be allowed to vote. Of course every possible method would be made available free to accommodate any legal citizen to obtain identification. Voting legally should be as easy as walking across the street.

Not one citizen of this country should go hungry, period. However, should anyone receive government assistance to feed their children and that is not being done they shall be held responsible for their neglect. Adequate health care should be available to every citizen also through a series of clinics and government hospitals regardless of ability to pay. That program could be paid for by adopting a policy of selling some of our natural resources which rightfully belong to all of our citizens anyway.

No, as much fun as it sounds I just can't see myself running for any public office. It takes a special person to do that. No, the policies I've mentioned could never possibly be enacted. There are far too many personal issues that they would trample on. About an hour after this posting they will be forgotten and relegated to oblivion. But, during an election year we all think we have an idea or two that would make this a better world and I thought I'd just put these out there. Once something is put on the Internet, it never goes away does it? Who knows where it will go from here. Just like driving, if everyone did what I said to do we'd all get along wouldn't we?

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