Monday, January 23, 2012

Kristin Chenoweth and the National Anthem

Born and raised in the United States has been a great experience for me. Politics notwithstanding. Freedom and liberty seem to abound for the most part although those two issues appear to be up for grabs lately in the hands of bigger and bigger government. But, that's the way it is and I'll live by it. Each generation has it's own experiences and perspectives doesn't it? Just like automobiles, before it was carburetors, now it is fuel injection. To some it's progress, to others it's a shame. All of that being said, I am grateful to live in a country where I can still have an opinion and express it openly. Today it's football and the National Anthem.

Yesterday there were two well known singers expressing their individual renditions of our National Anthem before the playoff games. Over the years there have been some truly memorable, respectful, beautiful renditions and also some downright awful ones too. I believe yesterday, both singers, Kristin Chenoweth and Steven Tylor performed in what they believed to be a respectful way. However, the one that pulled it off in a most spectacular, unforgettable way was hands down, Kristin Chenoweth. She belted that anthem out wholeheartedly and with so much power the crowd was standing and applauding after the first two lines were sung. She, in turn turned up the voice and gave them even more. I was impressed! Being a sports fan I've witnessed what I believe to be the best and the worst in the past few decades. Kristin Chenoweth was superb! I thank her for showing so much respect towards the country of my birth. Some people still do have high standards and integrity. You go girl! You just got another fan.

No winner yet in the treasure hunt. The medallion is still out there.

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