Monday, November 7, 2011

Another computer glitch

Underneath this you will find the sole remaining evidence of a truly hilarious but cautionary posting that took almost 45 minutes to write. Then it all went up in smoke. The 5th time that's happened in 6 days. I've checked the blog hosting service and that is supposed to be in good working order. I checked with my Internet server and they are sure there is no problem on their end. So, The only reasonable explanation is.........................................Gremlins!

I am sorry that some of my most profound postings didn't make it to your screen. They may very well have been earth shattering.

I am continuing to check all the details concerning this atrocious failure to communicate. One tecki suggested the "PIC" theory. Dumb me, I have to look that up too. Frustrating as it is, I'll try again another time to astound you with my writing and intellectual prowess.

"Attention honorable beneficiary!"

That was the subject of and email I received from a country in Africa. I'm rich I tell you, rich!

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