Saturday, November 5, 2011

World peace, financial security etc.

Twice now, and I hope it doesn't happen again this time, I have spent a great deal of time composing a literary work of art on this blog for all to see. And the stupid thing crashed somehow and dissapeared into the great, invisible, unrecoverable expanse of the world of electronic communication. Gone! GeeZ! That is soooo frustrating. It only seems to happen when my mind is all keyed in and the words flow with knowledge and coherence and understanding and in some way offer hope to the world. Being of a generation that grew up with slide rules, paper and pen, black and white TV, carburetors, and occasionally, outside toilets you may possibly grasp my ineptitude when it comes to rectifying a computer glitch. Small tools and gentle key manipulation was not a learned science with me. Give me a screwdriver, a hammer, some twine, wire and duct tape and I'm good to go. But, obviously that doesn't work so well in this case.

So, I am sorry to report that the instant, incredibly simple remedies for world peace, financial security, marital harmony, hundred year health, almost free carbon based fuel replacement, unwanted telephone solicitors, undie itch, bitter coffee, food for the masses, overpopulation, unwanted facial hair, gas, tooth decay, streaky windows, automatic business answering machines, and the professional basketball season cancellation will have to wait. I simply don't have the time to put it all back together again right now....................Have a wonderful day...........................Joe


Realbob said...

You have always done your share of help to all of us ! You and I do our little help to others snd right now this is important ! I know you always make my life better ! Keep up the good work. Bob T

The Visual verfication did not come up. Think it's my computer.

Realbob said...

After I hit publish your comment it came up. Bob T

Joe Cramer said...

Thanks Bob! Yes, we do for each other according to our abilities. It doesn't make us saints, just friends. It's what we do.

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