Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Testing, 1,2,3, Testing

So far, so good. Yesterday my posting went through effectively. Right now, as I am looking at my message line, there is no indication that this posting will publish as yet. So, what the heck. I suppose I can write anything. Just like about a lot of women that are making unsubstantiated accusations in the media. Kind of reminds me of little kids only the consequences are far more severe. In second grade us little kids were chatting about who we wanted to be elected president in November. I can see the sincere look on the face of the girl seated next to me in class when she said: "We don't want Eisenhower to be elected! He wants to make us go to school on Saturday and not have summer vacation." All us other kids went, "Ooooohhh! That's terrible. No! We don't want him." Actually, none of us voted for him either. I mean anyone with an angelic face like the little girl that said that certainly wouldn't lie would they? Kids just know that sort of thing, what's true and what isn't. They don't even need proof. Now that I think about it, neither do some adults.

I watched a TV program last night that covered Michael Jackson rehearsing for a concert. I have enjoyed some of his music and caught scenes from a few videos before. It was obvious he was talented. In my opinion outrageously weird, but talented. The things I saw last night really brought out his talent in a way I hadn't seen before. He was as dedicated to the perfection of his music and movement as was humanly possible I think. It was fascinating. Still outrageously weird, but fascinating. I hope he finds peace now.

The riddle that will be announced in January, along with the additional clues are being polished and made ready. I think this year's treasure hunt will be exciting and fun. A little faster paced too.

So there we have it. Just a little rambling today because I became so disheartened by the loss of several postings that disappeared into nothing, just like that. Why waste time when you and I can't communicate anyway? ...................This is a test. Now we see if it publishes.

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