Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I wonder, Area 51

What with all the headlines recently I am led to wonder about some things:

Area 51 is touted to be so secret the people in there don't even know where they are. Does the government actually have the bodies of space aliens frozen in liquid hydrogen? Do they really shoot down anyone foolish enough to fly over in an airplane? If you work there do you ever get to go home, ever? I really don't know, its a secret you know.

This asteroid flying at us through space will be coming as close as 215,000 miles. Is it actually a disguised space ship? Or, is it a messenger from God to pick up some people because of the rapture. Is it a space drone spy ship sent from aliens looking for their relatives frozen in area 51?

What is the political affiliation of the women accusing Herman Cain? Why haven't they spoken up before? The old saying goes: Where there is smoke, there is fire. Will that be true this time?

Where is the actual Hawaiian birth certificate anyway? Not that I particularly care really but: Why was it kept secret in the first place if producing it would do away with the controversy?

Why are people who don't use illegal drugs, don't break any major laws, work hard, pay their bills and taxes, don't go to prison, take raising their kids seriously and possibly have a religious affiliation considered know-it-all do-gooders and other people take great pleasure in bringing them down?

Why don't we learn something about jumping to conclusions about new research? Coffee was bad, now its good. Mammograms were good, now they're bad, oops, now they're good. Aspirin is bad, Tylenol is good, oh wait, Tylenol is sorta good but sorta bad and aspirin we're not quite sure about. Stuff like that.

Why does my nose always itch or run when I am meeting a very important person for the first time? And, there is no tissue or handkerchief in sight?

I've heard on the radio that most all of our problems originate in Area 51. It's all an experiment. I wonder about that too.

Now that I have acknowledged Area 51 will my postings not disappear anymore?

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