Thursday, August 18, 2011

Poverty and lies

When I was a kid there was a joke going around about these two guys competing against each other on a TV show with the object being: who could tell the biggest lie in less than ten seconds? The first guy tells a lie about how his chocolate ice cream cone was actually a dark shade of vanilla. Everyone applauds. The next guy asks the MC if he's ever seen apples on trees in an orchard. The MC says yes, the contestant says, "They were all actually peaches!" The audience erupts in a standing ovation and the guy wins the prize for the biggest lie....................... Well, it was kinda funny when I was a kid.

I was reminded of that joke recently when a federal agency stated that 23% of all the children in the United States live in abject poverty and wake up every day not knowing if they will get enough to eat. That's not funny either is it? That same agency stated that 64% of all the children living in poverty fall under the term, "obese". Poverty is far from humorous but those two statements combined sort of lessened my ability to take either one seriously and the joke I just told you about came to mind.

Yesterday I brought up the subject of a body spray that is supposed to induce trust. I am thinking certain people, in certain agencies either need to get their figures straight or start pouring on the trust spray because with what they are throwing out there as fact I am seriously doubting and am most certainly not picking up what they are throwing down. My heart goes out to those people and their children who are truly in need. But, I also think that those folks who are being paid to watch over them should not use exaggerated or otherwise debatable figures to get more money to waste on unaffective services. True poverty needs no embellishment does it? It's not any funnier than that stupid old joke.

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