Monday, August 22, 2011

Why blog?

Why do I blog? Why do other people blog? What with Face Book and Twitter and the other means of social networking blogging, it seems is losing it's purpose I am told. First of all, I do not use Face Book or Twitter. I'm not a politician or other celebrity so who in the world would want to know what I am doing at any given moment? I don't speak particularly eloquently, colorful or overly humorous either. I simply write for the sake of writing so my skills will improve as I write my next book under the advice of my writing coach. "Keep that pathos going!" He says. I'm happy to do it.

Last weekend I had the honor of joining two very interesting guys on an auto talk show. The two of them seem to know just about everything anyone needs to know about the worlds of automobiles. I was there to add a few things about vehicle cosmetics and perhaps add a touch of variety. After the show I walked onto the sidewalk to reach my car and a bicycle rider going by said, "Hey Joe, I liked what you put on your blog last week about a trust spray." And continued speeding by along with about 7 other bikers. Apparently she was participating in a national bike race that was going on in the streets of downtown Grand Rapids. How she knew it was me is beyond me and that she took a second to comment took me completely by surprise. I enjoyed the moment. I guess I blog for others enjoyment too......................Joe

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