Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dieting and losing my pants

When was the last time you were on a diet to lose weight? Exhillerating and frustrating at the same time isn't it? It's such a shame. Food brings us sustenance, energy, and that wonderful feeling when you've eaten and savored something special. On the other hand food, in excess fattens us up for hibernation. We, as human beings don't find a cave in the Fall and sleep for the next 6 months or so. Without proper exercise we just keep adding on the pounds and slowing down. So, we take a long hard look at ourselves once in a while, step on the scale and act surprised when it reads, "Overload!" That's usually the day we start our diet isn't it?

Reality TV shows us people that darn near kill themselves losing weight. In truth, much of what those people go through is extremely hazardous and I'm surprised more of the contestants haven't wound up in a hospital or worse. Also, most of us aren't willing or able to give up our lives for the time required to go through all that punishment to win the money, are we? We are left to find our own way of losing weight safely. Diets usually work for the short term but we often wind up gaining the lost weight back and adding on a few extra pounds for good measure. The, "Yo-Yo" affect, it's called. I've been there and done that many times. It was disheartening to say the least. A year ago I decided I'd set upon my last diet. I wasn't seriously overweight but way heavier than I wanted to be and I could feel how it slowed me down. I decided I'd change my lifestyle as much as the food I ate. "Portion control." It's called. The main exercise requirem,ent is pushing back from the dinner table with both hands after eating a reasonable portion. The key idea being, whether I was still hungry or not. Since last November when I started this life plan, "Once and for all" I'm almost halfway to my goal. As successful as I could have expected. Hurrah! The upside, more energy, I feel better and I don't sleep as much. The first down side, I had to get used to walking around hungry on a regular basis. The second downside, my pants keep falling down. I sometimes look just like a hip hop teenager wannabe. I can get used to the hunger thing all right but this pants falling down has got to go sometime real soon. I feel like an idiot. Here's hoping I reach that step before I get arrested or asked to join a gang..........................Joe

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