Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Writing coach says:

Writing coach says, "Write!" By Golly I write!

My writing coach says he needs to know where I am with my writing skills at this time. He says I need to write, write, write. Well jeez! What do I write about? "Anything!" He says. So, I write about whatever is on my mind at whatever time it is that I am writing. You've witnessed the past week. The coach has been all over that too. He says its better that I blog instead of email him because I have a different voice in emails than on my blog. "Pathos changes with medium!" He says. Pathos again, I've heard that before. I've been told I have good pathos in most circumstances which brings the reader into the experience I'm writing about. Are you into what it is I'm writing about right now? Coach says I lose that pathos sometimes when I actually try to bring you into the experience. He says it is better to just write naturally and "allow" the reader to enter the experience of their own volition instead of attempting to do it for them. Huh?

Coach says it goes like this: I write what's going through my head because I am inspired, not because I want to be on the best seller list. My talent lies in my natural, uninhibited communication ability. Hmm! When it's not forced it becomes interesting. When it's forced I use too many words and my uncomfortableness becomes almost glaring and uninterestedly too wordy. I'm working on that. "Sincerity and brevity make for a good read." he says. Here I go.............Joe

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