Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vitamins and minerals and trust

All this writing stuff has an incredible effect on my physical self. Read that: After working a full day, gardening, socializing and other necessary activity, I get tired and fall asleep while typing. It's taking a toll on the delicate keyboard when my head hits the keys.

In an attempt to counteract the sleepy thing I have begun to frequent my local natural health nutrition shop. The first thing when I walked in the door the clerk/nutritionist smilingly walks up and confidently guides me towards the "men's" supplement shelf. "You don't even have to ask, I know just what you need." He says. "All you guys are looking for this high potent elixir." He was set back when I said the "men's" shelf wasn't what I was there for. It took a few seconds for him to gather himself and forget all about his prepared sales pitch. He didn't say that, I could just tell. After he recovered I explained about my sleepiness and my wish to make sure I was getting all the right nutrients he got down to business and, after a lengthy discussion we decided on an intelligently proper vitamin regimen without chemical additives that wasn't linked to any sales promotion. (I think promotions always seem to have some sort of agenda other than my well being.) As a result I am feeling all vitaminized every morning now. It takes a while for vitamins and minerals to take affect so I am looking forward to the next month and feeling better.

A couple years ago I found and wrote about a spray-on hormonal type product that was supposed to instill a feeling of trust to those people around you. Seeing a couple of bottles of that on the shelf next to the "men's" supplements piqued my curiosity. They had a sample bottle and I gave it a little squirt into the air and smelled it. The aroma was similar to baby powder. "Not particularly manly" I thought. However. what's not to trust about the whole baby powder thing. Then I continued on choosing the correct supplements. When I checked out my purchases I noticed the clerk had a peculiar odor about him. Yes, it was baby powder. Yeah, really it was. I wonder how much you can actually trust a guy that wears a trust spray........Joe

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