Monday, August 15, 2011

A perfect outcome to a difficult situation

During times of trauma, be it serious or simply inconvenient, when it involves other people you are never quite sure of the outcome. The smoke has cleared, the words spoken and action taken concerning our being confronted on a public sidewalk by barking, aggressive dogs intentionally allowed to run loose by their owners. It involved two good people that, perhaps weren't aware of what havoc their dogs could wreak upon their neighbors: us. They have taken corrective steps and are now restraining their animals as far as I can see. I am gratified!

Sometimes a defensive mechanism will prevent us from seeing that our innocent or ignorant decisions aren't exactly as harmless as we had thought. It's embarrassing and difficult to face. Especially when confronted by someone saying they are dead wrong. No one likes being told they are wrong. It's a normal reaction to deny it and defend themselves. It's what happens after they've had time to think about it that is a sure sign of who we are.

The dogs are no longer a problem. Thankfully no harm was done other than the trauma. Good people make mistakes from time to time but when all is said and done, good people eventually do the right thing. They did this time too. It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

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