Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, This is not a comment regarding any facet of your many talents. I haven't seen enough of your cherades or listened to enough of your music to form any opinion so don't get bent out of shape. I am not an admirer or distractor. It wouldn't be any skin off my nose if I never heard your name again. You and Charlie Sheen are all over the news so it's kind of hard not to know who you are. Kind if like snow, ice and slush, the flu, a clod or diahria, whether I like it or not I have to deal with them from time to time. I do wish to express an opinion about your choice in clothing, or perhaps the lack of it.

Dress or undress as you feel befits your station in life. Like a princess, a frog or a person completely lacking in taste. You don't need anybody's permission, nor do you feel you are subject to any standards of decency. Just one thing: Don't mess with the integrity of a Nun or her dress. You cross a line when you make fun of some of the most dedicated women in society. Nuns have sacrificed at great personal cost in order to bring solace to ailing people, education to kids, comfort to the aged and hope to the hopeless.

In your recent show you chose to dress in mockery of nuns. May I humbly suggest you reconsider ever doing that again. Your shows only last for a short while, your popularity for a little longer, your looks are not ageless, talent is only a gift, but forever is a long, long time. When you mock those people who have given their all for others it is a good thing to remember that forever thing and that God always has the last word. Always! I'm not a prude but I do know the difference between right and wrong. Have fun Lady Gaga, just leave our nuns alone. I'm just sayin'.

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