Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen and Mohamar Khadaffi

With all due respect to everyone, Charlie Sheen and Mohamar Khadaffi sound very much the same: Out of touch with the real world. Talking as if the all of humanity must bow to their superiority. When the speak their eyes are wide open and sort of wild looking. They both exhibit completely unpredictable behavior. They are both making totally ridiculous demands. They both think they are irreplaceable. They both believe everyone either does or should love them. They both seem to be delusional in every way. The difference is that what Mr. Khadaffi does affects the lives of millions and it's not laughable. Charlie Sheen isn't dangerous except to himself and those in his immediate vicinity.

Charlie Sheen will eventually pass into the night after his tirades become boring and redundant and will have little overall affect on us except as a temporary diversion. What happens with Mr. Khadaffi will ultimately affect the world and he will be rewarded accordingly.

As I begin my day I think it's important I remember just how totally unimportant I am in the scope of things. However, both Mr. Khadaffi and Mr. Sheen are only doing what people allow them to do. I think things are about to change for both of them. Talk about psychological distress. I'm just Sayin'.

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