Monday, February 28, 2011

Headache remedies

Trying to get rid of a headache can be baffling sometimes. Recently I resorted to some of the old methods my dad told me about:

Pinch the top of my nose and humm.
Pace back and forth shaking my head from side to side.
Stand on my head in the corner.
Put one arm behind my back and stretch my neck in the opposite direction.
Roll my eyes around 25 times.
Roll my head around on my neck 25 times in each direction.
Put a warm wet washcloth on my forehead.
Put my fingers in my ears and make a lah, lah, lah sound.
Continuously rub the muscles extending up the sides of my neck.
I did the vacuuming which was my mom's tried and true method.
Watch television while sitting in a rocking chair.

As good as these ideas may be, none of them worked for me. So, at the risk of being seen as rude, I simply opened the door and asked him to leave. He'd been there far too long. He actually continued to talk as I closed the door behind him. Nice guy but he can be a real pain sometimes. You know what I mean?

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