Saturday, March 19, 2011

Geo caching, Joe's Story and long walks

"Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime" is filled to overflowing with anecdotes, good or bad regarding my experiences in this life with those wonderfully interesting people around me. Today I had an experience with a friend that will no doubt become another anecdote. For the very first time ever I was involved in Geo caching, a wondrously adventure of finding hidden containers that sometimes hold within them curious artifacts. Up til today, I have worked on riddles, treasure hunts, automobile rallies, geological digs and hide and seek games of all sorts. None of which used any electronic media whatsoever. This Geo caching is done with the use of a small electronic GPS unit that has the location of thousands of hidden objects. It gives you all sorts of directional information including distance. Reminiscent of the old child's game standby of "Hot & Cold." If you are close you are hot, if you are moving away you are getting cold and so on. We were wandering through a nearby park, my friend and I looking for an historically significant willow tree that I have searched out for over 50 years just to pick the first pussy-willow buds heralding in the new Spring season. "Ah, Ha," He says. "Looky here. There is a cache located just 485 feet in front and to our left." I figured why not so off we went through the woods. Climbing over, under and around trees and shrubbery. At one moment we were almost completely surrounded by a herd of foraging deer. They weren't particularly concerned about our presence and one of them looked as though she was expecting us to feed her. Then they slowly trotted away as we came just a bit too far into their comfort zone. We went further into the woods as he lined up the arrows, sidestepping mounds of leaves, dirt, rocks and uneven terrain until once again he exclaims, "Ah, ha! Here it is! Reaching into a long jagged split tree trunk and pulling out a shiny black cylinder with a removable top. Inside were a note pad and pencil for recording our discovery and a myriad of little trinkets: A plastic glove, business card, bottle cap, a shiny pebble and a couple other things. He signed and dated our achievement, resealed it and placed it there for the next adventurer. How neat is that? I just gotta get me one of those little gadgets don't you?

Have a great and wonderful day. You could add to the enjoyment by sitting down and reading a few excerpts from Joe's Story and telling everyone you know about how great a book it really is.

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