Friday, January 21, 2011

What people say

Last night I watched John F. Kennedy look out across his audience and say: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!" Wow! When I saw it live, that statement had a profound impact on the rest of my life. In all these years since then I have done as much as humanly possible to not be a burden on society. He also reinforced our responsibility as a nation to not neglect the poor and downtrodden who need a hand up. I've done my best to honor that too. It's amazing how one man's words can influence us isn't it?

Throughout the history of the United States there has been controversy and disagreement. From a country made up of all the other nationalities and opposing cultures of the world I suppose it is to be expected isn't it? So why do we act so indignant when the politicians we voted in have differing opinions of just about everything? Isn't that what our government is set up to do? I don't particularly like it myself but at the same time I remind myself what all the bickering has brought. We've got a balance of power with separate governing bodies, the House, the Senate, the Judicial and then we have a President too. Of course there's going to be differing ideas and how to implement them, even among members of the same political party.

In light of all the words spoken these days I am still looking for someone to say something as profound as John F. Kennedy did back then. I remember the words of another man very well too and I think a lot of folks would do well to think about them. "Love your neighbor as yourself and Do onto others as you would have done onto you." I'll be watching and listening...........

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