Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globe awards

The Golden Globe award shows for entertainers are just plain fun aren't they? Of course Ricky Gervais adds his own twist to it all, guaranteeing more than one gasp from the group for his risky humorous comments. Is all that fan fare my cup of tea for an evenings viewing? Not particularly. As entertaining as all of those people are I just can't relate to that much pricey, showy self indulgence. Not after spending my life making ends meet by buying from stores featuring a top price of $10. But is is fun to watch a little bit. Kind of like kindergarten when the teacher steps out of the room. No inhibitions.

It's the actors and actresses that bring entertainment to our lives through movies and TV shows. They bring relief to our everyday fight with the hurdles we face in life. Escapism takes on many faces and its these folks that put on a mask and bring us into their story enough to forget, if even for a short time, whatever it is that consumes us. They have to do it good enough for us to believe in their make believe world that holds no consequence for us. The actors do all the work for us. They get shot, blown up, assaulted, loved, starved, adored, cry, laugh and get a finger cut off while we sit and watch, sensing but not suffering their situation. I'm told it's good for us, not replacing the need for books but adding to our experience through our other senses. I've had a lot of fun with movies and TV shows. I am grateful these people dedicate their lives to my entertainment. I still think that in many ways they are just a group of big kids dressing, most of the time as adults. It must be a difficult life for them because of all the problems we hear about concerning their private lives. Drugs, divorce, infidelity, stuff like that. Maybe they need a night like the Golden Globes to affirm that they are not alone and just goof off together. Kind of like one of my class reunions.

Just the same, I'm glad they have such a big to do every year. I can see they enjoyed their jobs of making believe and it gives me assurance that I have maintained my own sanity. Congratulations to all the winners.

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