Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tucson shooting blame

The shooting and murder in Tucson Arizona were unspeakably horrible. my heart goes out to all the victims and their families. It must be very difficult for them. I'd like to address all those misguided people who are trying to point the finger of blame at someone other than the killer.

I'm not a psychiatrist but to me it appears to be that this guy was really messed up in his own thinking. He wasn't a follower of anyone. He took it upon himself to buy a gun and ammunition without provocation, no one brought them to him. He planned the crime alone, no one guided him. He went to the scene of the crime by himself, no one brought him there to kill. ALONE, ALONE, ALONE! How many times does it take for people to hear that and believe it?

If there were stronger laws concerning gun ownership, he'd have found a way anyway. If he'd have listened to liberal NPR or conservative talk radio 24/7 he'd have gone on a rampage anyway. Whether he was a democrat or republican he'd have done it anyway. Neither president Obama or Sarah Palin's words set him off. It all resulted from his own twisted thinking. To me it is as obvious as it can be that he was intent on his mission of chaos for only reasons he can possibly understand in his own twisted mind.

I believe that all those people, from the local sheriff to the top political talk show hosts should just shut up and stop using this terribly emotional time to push their otherwise unpopular agendas.
Gun abolitionists want to blame this on his ability to buy a gun. "Stop people from buying guns!" they say. Some people blame this horrible event on too much freedom of speech, "Make laws restricting talk radio!" they say. Some people blame this on open, emotional political discussion, "Make politicians stop arguing!" they say. Do you honestly believe that any of these actions would have stopped this guy or anyone else like him from his shooting spree?

Discussion of events leading up to this crime and others like it in the past is an excellent idea. There are probably some things that be done to help prevent them in the future. We can take a careful look and see what can intelligently be done, but using tragedy to push a previously held agenda is simply heartless to the pain of those victims who are going through it personally. That sort of pandering should be unthinkable, just like the crime itself. .............

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