Thursday, January 13, 2011

Men crying

What's all this men crying stuff that's going on anyway? It seems that every time I turn on the TV or the radio, some otherwise macho guy is choking back tears and has to compose himself before he can continue speaking. Yeah sure, we all know that real men do cry right? But come on, over every little thing? getting a new job, buying a car, making a bad baseball call, new clothes, receiving a big hammer and walking in the door of a new home all appear to induce a waterfall of tears they need a bath towel to wipe away. I'm really getting confused about this seemingly popular new phenomenon. It's sort of discomforting and unsettling to say the least.

In all my years of life, since my earliest memories I learned that men cry, yes they do. It's totally allowed. But, men should know when and where they can cry. Knowing that is an important part of being a man. If men continue to cry openly, anywhere, anytime, for any reason we're going to be thought of as a bunch of pushovers, so completely in touch with our inner selves that we may be mistaken for being, "sensitive." Heaven forbid!

I would like to remind all you guys out there that are letting loose with a flow of tears running down your cheeks and quivering lower lip that you should be a little more discreet with your emotions before you completely lose your manhood. Men know where to go when the need to cry overwhelms them. Men go to bars and cry their hearts out to the bartender! It's always been that way and some of you should ought to remember that. I suppose it all started with Dr. Phil and took off from there but we have to get back to the basics of manhood and return to our natural instincts of crying in our beer. People watching a man cry on TV may not truly understand why he's doing it but we know with absolute confidence the neighborhood bartender can relate, completely understand and keep it to himself. That's the way it is and has always been in real life isn't it? So, I say, cry away, cry often but keep it within the boundaries of true manhood. Do your crying in a bar. Just like this with a little tongue in the cheek.

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