Thursday, January 20, 2011

A new day is dawning

Well, here I am back at it with my nose to the old grind stone after a couple days off for minor surgery. Its amazing to me how simple the medical professionals make their jobs look. Calm, steady, confident, knowing most of the time just what to say to quell any anxiety. At least that was my experience. Amazing!

The annual treasure hunt is going very well indeed. As of this writing the elusive medallion remains unretrieved and the treasure still awaiting the winner. Dozens upon dozens of hopeful treasure seekers have faced the elements to look but, so far to no avail. That's part of the game though. If it were easy no one would think twice about it and no one would learn about the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. One of the first winners from over two decades ago stopped by the other day. It was a real pleasure to do a little reminiscing about times gone by. I can remember the day he won like it was yesterday. The cold weather of winter had been warming ever so slowly and the snows were melting into the streams causing them to slightly overflow their banks. The medallion was hidden between two wooden posts on the guardrail of a bridge. Hundred's had been there before him but he took a tire iron and broke away the accumulated icy crust. There it was! He was so excited he could hardly talk. Pictures of the winner were in newspapers all over the country. Tens of thousands of people read about the treasure hunt, the winner, the fun it was to find and the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. I know because I received thousands of letters from people across this nation that had followed the hunt with immense curiosity through all those months. It took me over a month to read them all and send answers. As enjoyable as the treasure hunt was, the most satisfactory part was reading several letters describing how CO poisoning was discovered and injury avoided or stopped. The hunt has served its purpose.

I feel like a new man today. Thanks to some very professional medical folks and the tireless efforts of the treasure hunters. Yeah, its a really good day.

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john said...

The treasure hunt, schucks don't tell everyone where my treasure is Joe. But I will say it isn't on that bridge. Some think it is because of the I's on the bridge, others think it is at the museum. We both know whether it is there or not, even though you can't say. I will say the snow is an issue. Anyways, your blog does have a thought, take a tire iron and break the ice,ummm... Don't have a tire iron, and prefer to wait for the snow and ice to melt which isn't happening anytime soon. But I know I better go over there and check it out again, and then again on the Monday before your release the next clue and that Tuesday morning. I can't say too much since this is on Google except as I said before all the gas for Grand Rapids runs along that whole area (don't know if you know that or not) so at least if the underground gas lines burst it will be outside of downtown or west of the reclining hoe. Have a good day Joe.

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