Monday, January 24, 2011

Writing lesson

Yesterday I spent several hours composing one of the most interesting and informative postings I've ever done. At the crack of dawn I arose from my slumber with my head filled with ideas for this blog. Many comments and emails from friends and followers often ask questions I'm unable to answer at the time for one reason or another. So, I place them in a folder for future consideration. Yesterday was my day for future consideration. I was inspired and motivated. After church I sat down and researched the material. made notes and got started. My fingers flew across the keyboard as if they had a mind of their own. Everything was falling together like a mental jig saw puzzle. Letters formed words, words formed sentences, sentences formed ideas and ideas blended into massive accumulations of common sense. My writing was exquisitely fluent, professional and riveting.

The subject matter involved our quest for a healthy lifestyle without being consumed by it and limiting our total life experience. Some topics included: diet, exercise, meditation, faith, recreation, motivation and how to put them all together and be happy and stress free. Knowledge is empowering was part of the main theme. How to obtain correct knowledge was the driving motivator, driving home the importance of resources other than friends or self proclaimed know-it-all acquaintances. I was filled with enthusiasm through to my soul, my message was upbeat and filled with hope. I thought of nothing else while I was writing. The rest of the world was put on hold.

While I was busy writing the rest of the world went on without me. In my solitude I forgot something. The "save" button. My server went down and all was lost despite my efforts to retrieve it. Gone! I don't know what I could have done to prevent this from happening but I'm on a mission to find out just what that may be. You never know when I might wake up and write that way again. Meanwhile, stay healthy and happy......................Joe


john said...

You have to remember the save button frequently. However Microsoft Word and some other word processor do have an auto recovery option that can be set. Running normally, if your typing and you lose power, you will be able to recover approximately 75% of it next time you start up Word normally. However if you are just typing like in this blog then you lose power, you will have to start over. So even though I don't always you should type with Word and save and make sure that you have auto recovery on it and that it is on. How do you do that I will have to check, mine is automatically on. Also you should copy it to the clipboard in case wanted to paste it into a blog.

Joe Cramer said...

Thanks John, I'll look into Word. This has happened before but not after such a long posting. When I get into a subject so intently such things don't enter my mind. So I wait a day and whine about it.
Thanks again

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