Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writing lesson one-0-one Coaches wisdom

Writing is an acquired skill. Writing has its rules: Spelling, structure, grammar, context, emphasis, pathos and all other sorts of things that bring it into being understandable and meaningful. My writing coach had a boatload of advice for me regarding the world of writing. It was his opinion you see that I was an excellent writer, I just didn't write well as far as the rules are concerned. In all the time we worked together he focused on my unorthodox style of writing. "With a down home, self taught, meandering, innocent but honest openness." I wondered if that was a compliment or an insult. He said it was neither, it was meant as directional influence. I'm still working on that. He did encourage me to write at every opportunity, about just about anything that crossed my mind and tackle the rules as I encountered them. The result, he said was I would eventually fully realize my writing potential. He also suggested I blog on literature sites and maybe some day I would be discovered.

I thought for a long time regarding blogging on a literature site, I didn't regard my writing as anywhere near being described as literature. I finally questioned my coach about the literature blogging and this is what he said: "If I wrote on a site that would be occasionally viewed by people interested in literature I would receive the most sincere criticism available which would result in my improvement as a writer. Cheaper than a writing coach too." I had to agree with the cheaper part. So, anyway I've been writing on this blog ever since in hopes that he is correct.

The coach shared a few other nuggets too.
*A writer never receives encouragement from "writing experts" in my close geographical area. (He was correct in that one.)
*A writer receives encouragement from the most unlikely sources. Right again!
*Writing about anything beats not writing. I feel great when I write, about anything, so right again.
*Those people that can't write with my open honesty will be my worse critics. I can't answer that.
*When all is said and done and written, the one I have to please and remain true to is myself. We'll see when all is said and done I guess.
*Don't trust anyone with your personal writings. I agree, I've had some of mine taken.
*To have a best seller I have to be either an exceptionally great writer or have written something exceptionally meaningful. Not necessarily in combination. I'm working on that.
*The only measure of good writing is if it has accomplished some sort of good. I try to do that with every word and I'm happy with that.
*If you write to make money you may have to compromise your purpose or morals. I haven't done that.

He said a lot of other things that I have written down for my own self improvement hopes. Do I want to write a best seller? Yup! I actually did once. I didn't have to compromise. All of his wisdom isn't correct all the time. But, I just keep writing away. I feel better, and according to my writing coach a lot of mediocre writers have someone to criticise. That is doing some good with my writing isn't it? I am a published author several times over. I have been offered a possible movie option. I still haven't been discovered. Maybe I'm still learning what that means.

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Mama K said...


I have enjoyed reading your recent blog entries (I never had accessed your site before.) It is certainly enjoyable to put something into words that has been floating around in your head---it just kind of cements it so it doesn't get lost. It also is a great release, capturing something that could be fleeting and not return again for a while, if ever. I have enjoyed your annual riddles, as have all of the members (and wives) of my family. You can see where I am on this year's riddle by checking your Joe's Story email site, where I left you a note. God is good and blesses us even though we do not deserve it...that is real love!

Dale McRae

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