Thursday, January 27, 2011

Writing, motivation and Joe's Story

While writing Joe's Story I had to constantly remind myself why I was writing it. The entire process took 13 years. Try not to laugh at my snail's pace but please bear in mind I'd never written an autobiography before and I was working with a reincarnated memory with no education in composition, grammer or journalism. The driving force was strictly recording the gift that had been returned to me after two years of amnesia and the possibility that it may accomplish some good in this world of ours. That was my reasoning. If you are presently writing something in hopes of publication ask yourself what your motivation is. Knowing that will get you through the tough times when words don't come so easily.

I've spoken to dozens of hopeful authors, their reasons are varied from financial to missionary from egotistical to gratitude. What do you hope to accomplish? Becoming a best seller author requires a dedication that doesn't come by chance. Focus is critical to success. If no one told you before I will tell you now a basic fact about becoming a published author: There are 10,000 other hopeful authors submiting their own literary wonders every month. Yes, that's right, every month. And, in my opinion that may very well be a conservative figure these days. So, if you are not 100% dedicated to your book and you don't have the time to promote it you'll remain an unknown author wannabe.

I'm not saying that to discourage you. I'm saying that to encourage you to write even more. However, write for the sake of writing something meaningful. Personal satisfaction comes from having completed your task. If your task is to write a best seller you must write with passion and motivation greater than 9.999 others are writing with at this very moment. Choose you subject well and educate yourself about it. My subject was as easy as it was complicated, it was my own life experience, how could I go wrong? Although I hoped it would reach the top ten list of best sellers that was not my motivation, I wanted it to accomplish some good for anyone that read it. From what I am told it is doing just that. Dozens of people have told me that reading Joe's Story has brought a change for the better to their life. One of my favorite comments was a fellow saying that reading Joe's Story did him more good than ten years of therapy by a psychiatrist. He bought another copy for his therapist. I think of that as a sign I have accomplished my goal. I hope you accomplish yours also. Remember why you are writing in the first place, don't lose focus. It will serve you well................Joe

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