Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Use of initials instead of words= A pet peeve

POTUS- SCOTUS BOGUS? Whatever! How in the world am I to understand every cotton picking set of initials someone in the know throws out there. I realize speaking an entire long name can take oodles of time. RE: NAACP- NSPCA etc. But come on now, I work for a living, I don't have time to decipher every set if initials for every little name someone is simply too hurried or lazy to actually say the whole thing. I think those who use bunches of initials are actually elitist and want to appear superior. In my humble opinion it's getting ridiculous of late. I realize it's maybe just me but that's OK, I understand me. I don't understand a bunch of capital letters so much. Would you have guessed these?

MMATG- My mechanic at the garage
ATCHK- All those Catholics having kids
HWPUS- Hard working people of the United States
GCTV- Goofy comedians on TV
BWRO- Bloggers who rattle on

I rest my case!

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