Monday, March 13, 2017

Facebook and language

Hello, good morning, afternoon or evening, whatever may be the case.Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by. Blogging is much different than facebooking in my opinion. Perhaps a bit more sincere or thought out at more length, similar to writing a letter. I very much enjoy blogging. Now the subject matter at hand.

This facebook is an amazing place for keeping in contact and being aware of those we know both near and far. And, to be completely honest, I find many of the humorous postings get my day off to a laughing start. The political stuff is getting to meso I simply scroll past and put it behind me. Then it comes to posting about various facets of life as a social being and family member. Mot are wonderful, informative and heartwarming posted by people I love and respect. Then comes the aweful, for me anyway, language. More specifically the "F" word. When I see this word, in an otherwise acceptable posting I find it unnecessary and tasteless. Especially when posted by a parent or grandparent, knowing full well it will be read by their children or grandchildren as well as dozens or perhaps hundreds of impressionable young minds. In my mind it is rather disgusting. Their post, their rules, I offer no comment or critique as I am only a guest so I move on as quickly as possible.

I am not without sin here. I have used that word, not often but on occasion. I do not use it in front of kids, women, or people I do not know. I do my best to be a respectful husband, father, grandfather and hopefully role model for others around me. Who more should you be able to trust to lead you in proper, respectful language skills than dad, mom, grandma or grandpa. I don't consider it a compliment to be proud of if any kid told someone that any one of us taught them how to use the "F" word in the best and most wonderful way. Mistakes are mistakes but in my opinion it's just not right and if, intentionally we do teach children language like that there is a terrible price to pay.

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