Friday, March 17, 2017

NCAA Basketball tournament- Gonzaga

Every year for decades I have looked forward to the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament as a solid way of surviving the last few weeks of hard winter. The competition is intense and filled with college age emotion and energy. Bringing the thrill into our living room in a bang, bang, fast paced fashion for days and weeks. Put that with the opportunity many lower seeded teams take to surprise the higher seeded teams by whipping them in jaw dropping offensive and/or defensive battles from one end of the court to the other, Loser goes home. Whew! Gets me going just writing about it.

This year, my long time favorite, Gonzaga is a top seed and looking smarter, better and fresher and more athletic than ever before. From the coach through the player line up I am impressed by what I see. Not only was their record of 32-1 pretty dad gone good but the main reason I follow them and root for them is their standards of discipline, integrity and fair play. I am all about that sort of stuff, especially at the college level. Actually I do not follow professional basketball any more. In my opinion in recent history, since the mid 1980's, although the players are exceptional athletes, I find them, for the most part far too mechanical in the game. The emotions are more personal and selfish for me to be bothered with. Give me a local high school basketball game with the likes of Godwin High School and I'm a happy camper.

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