Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Health insurance and the Affordable Care Act

What a mess this health care situation eh? I am impressed by how more transparent the negotiations are as opposed to the quick shoo in of the ACA was. Myself I find it a vast improvement on just how our government elect works. In my opinion, eventually, after the smoke clears there will be some sort of answer. Of course, not everyone will be happy with it but that is how negotiation works with wins and losses on all sides. And I do mean all sides. When it comes to health care there are far more than two opposing opinions. Even within political parties. I don't have the answer but that is why I vote, hopefully the officials I help elect will surround themselves with those experts who are knowledgable enough to come up with a reasonably acceptable solution.

Ah, that ever so elusive solution we all hope and pray for. I think we all agree that we would appreciate having adequate health care available when we need it without having to sell the farm and lose everything. whether it is a "right" or a "benefit" depends on who you are asking. so we won't get into that. But, naturally on a subject so important to all of us, and including the fact that I am expressing myself here, it is most obvious I am about to put in my two cents worth. Yes I am!

In my humble opinion, Until all people receiving pay and benefits from any type of government agency, including but not limited to: mayors, commissioners, judges, city workers, county workers, teachers, aids, bus drivers, governors, representatives, senators, and presidents, a fair and equitable settlement on health care will not be achieved. If government workers, educational employees and elected officials do not have skin in the game, truly universal health care insurance availabl to everyone will remain impossible to attain.

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