Monday, January 21, 2013

Treasure hunt and the news media

When I began the Silver Treasure Hunt 32 years ago, the idea was to have some fun while pointing out a real problem to us all: Carbon Monoxide poisoning. As most of you know I was subjected to chronic CO poisoning and it cost me my memory for two years. It took a terrible toll on my family. I wouldn't wish those problems on anyone. Now, 32 annual treasure hunt competitions later, somewhere in the area of 40,000 people dabble with the riddle and clues. Realistically many of those people from all over the world would never have heard of the game without the exposure of the news media. This year Matt from the Grand Rapids Press and Mitch form TV17 News have covered the event so well I have received dozens and dozens of comments from new players. Besides the fun in having more people involved, my hope of making others more aware of CO poisoning moves forward with each contestant.

This year, within the two weeks preceding the start of the treasure hunt there were two Fatal carbon monoxide poisonings in the state of Michigan. One on the East side where an entire family died and another in Western Michigan. The problem of accidental CO poisoning is a serious one. Thanks to Mitch and Matt there is a better chance for hundreds and thousands of people to avoid the consequences of exposure to the colorless, odorless, invisible gas. I believe that saves lives whether we hear about it or not. A huge thanks to both of you and everyone else involved.

Steve Lang solved this years riddle and clue. He will be picking up his treasure sometime soon. I'll keep you informed. The game this year was very intense with hundreds of new people taking part. The new rules have been well accepted and most everyone I talk to enjoys the clues being closer together creating more of a sense of urgency, excitement and increased competition. As always, I welcome and invite your comments..................Joe


kdcar6 said...

Nice job on tv Joe!!
Way to go Steve welcome to the club!

2 time winner alway player (looking for a 3peat)

Joe Cramer said...

It has been a swinging door since Steve found the medallion Ken. There was a huge response this year especuially among players new to the game due in no small part to the newspaper and TV coverage. What a rush! Better luck next year....Joe A.K.A. Wyoming Riddler. (I kinda like that name really)

Justin Noordhok said...

Hey Joe,
I was just wondering what the date for the 2014 riddle is. Any info is appreciated!

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