Thursday, January 24, 2013

Controlled substance/surprising

Throughout history those in the know have taken steps to protect those of us who need protecting. Laws are the modus opperendi (or however you spell it), both good and bad. Laws have been used to maintain slavery and then to abolish it, take private property and protect it, take our earnings away and spread them around, more recently, protect gun ownership and restrict it. Not taking any stand on  these mind you, simply stating facts. Around this part of the world people are voted into positions of power to carry out our wishes as far as freedom and quality of life. We put our trust in those elected folks to make sure this great country is not taken over by some sort of  dictatorial hierarchy. Now, the reason I bring this to light if you are still interested in my little observation.

Yesterday I was struck with a brilliant idea: Reports say that if a person is overcome by Carbon Monoxide poisoning the sooner they are treated with oxygen, the less chance they will suffer death or sever complications. The same with some other critical, life threatening situations. Thinking that it may be a good idea to be prepared for just such a situation I proceeded to check out the availability of emergency oxygen equipment and supply. Now comes the surprise: It was explained to me that I needed a doctor's prescription to get oxygen, oxygen it seems, is a controlled substance. Huh?

I'll delve further into that today but I have to say that I was totally taken by surprise when I was told that even the air I breath was being controlled. Yeah, really I was.

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