Saturday, January 19, 2013

Silver Treasure riddle solved

A difficult riddle was solved in only a few weeks by a long time follower but first time player of the annual Silver Treasure Hunt game. Steve Lang of North Park absolutely nailed the solution and retrieved the medallion late Friday in what he referred to as a "magical moment." More information is forthcoming from Matt VandeBunte on the Grand Rapids Press and also Greg will be reporting it on his site sometime soon. Steve will exchange the medallion for his Very interesting, valuable and fun treasure early next week. Meanwhile he has the medallion to show off to friends and family. That's part of the fun. After all, he beat out thousands and thousands of other people looking for that pesky medallion didn't he? Did you know that Lincoln was sometimes referred to as having "feet of clay"?

Thank you to everyone who participated and reinforced the need to be aware of Carbon Monoxide and the danger it brings to all of us. More later.................Joe

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