Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pajamas, seriously?

With maturity is supposed to come a refinement in behavior, a refinement in taste, a refinement in the understanding that the younger generation is looking to you for examples of right and wrong. That's the way it's been since the beginning of time. One generation setting aside the wrongs of life as they learned it from the generation before them and refining their actions and opinions to help create a better world. Kind of like all the generations before us doing stupid stuff and learning from it so we wouldn't do the same stupid stuff. "Practice." Through it all we've learned that there are some things "mature" people should not do. Some things simply aren't, you know, right in any manner of thinking. I saw that yesterday. On a bread buying errand to the grocery store I came across a mature guy, by appearances at least a few years older than I, wearing pajamas walking through the store doing his shopping. In my lifetime I've witnessed enough disgusting behavior to be sort of immune to most odd ball stuff. At least you'd think that. "Come on Cramer, don't be old fashioned!" I can hear that. But seriously, pajamas? In the grocery store? For a mature adult? Really?

Kids seem to be acting more and more stupid with each generation even though they have the knowledge of the world at their fingertips. Stupid clothing, even more stupid texting, stupid obscene words that would melt a glacier, stupid music and in my opinion, stupid "body art" that lasts for life. It's long been a comfort knowing that mature people would act maturely and eventually educate the younger population and they would start acting un-stupid. Yesterday it was an old guy in pajamas, on several occasions it's been "gramma" with tattoos on the neck, shoulders and just above the butt. Then there is the exhibitionist old guy that wears lots of neck chains, facial tattoos, shirts with a plunging neck line down to his belly button and colorful snake skin boots. He says he dresses like that because he's an artist. I think he dresses like that because he's a dip! There are always those people who travel on the other side of the street all their lives. We know they do and we don't really pay any attention and pass it off as abnormal or accentric behavior. But yesterday this old codger appeared to be completely normal. Except for the pajamas. (and oddly enough he bought some Red Bull) He's the type of guy that Young people look up to and now whoever sees him shopping in pajamas will accept pajamas as normal public attire.

What I write here is simply my way of ranting about some stuff that is just not right, in my opinion. Some of my friends tell me my whitey, tighty undies are just a bit too tight on some days. I guess maybe they are right sometimes, in their opinion. It's just that since I can remember, my folks and many of my other mentors got the idea across to me that because we live in a society have a responsibility to those around us to do what is right. One particular phrase I remember clearly. "Anything you do, good or bad inspires the young." I don't think the pajamas fall into that good category.

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