Friday, January 18, 2013

Lance Armstrong

He didn't get all emotional, he didn't cringe, distort his face or cry. Lance Armstrong simply answered questions about his doping, hopefully truthful manner this time. A news reporter commented on how unemotional Lance Armstrong was while answering Oprah Winfrey's questions. We have watched Lance Armstrong speak about so many thing throughout the years while exhibiting absolutely no sign of emotion, even lying continuously about the doping. He is an incredibly disciplined person. In spite of the doping he was and still is an amazing athlete. He overcame testicular cancer and continued to ride and compete in an incredible way. Astounding everyone with his stamina. Now we find that he doped. He says it was to "level" the playing field because everyone was doing it. Whatever! Cheating is cheating. Whatever he did, he will pay for now that he has been exposed. I, for one do not expect him to show any sign of emotion, let alone remorse. He never did before. I do not feel sorry for him in any way. My faith has never rested on any man's shoulders.

Being an avid cyclist myself, I was enthralled with his riding and athleticism. I watched the TV with amazement and enjoyed every victory he brought to his team and himself. His riding inspired me and thousands of other cyclists to better ourselves. Of course, we knew we could never aspire to be what he apparently was but we did share being human beings didn't we? Therein lies the problem though. Being of the human condition, we are all subject to making mistakes. He made some monumental mistakes, and they are all becoming public now. I find his failure to follow the rules totally disgusting, I also know myriads of other people who have also cheated in disgusting ways but their mistakes aren't being dragged out on the Oprah show. We have to guard against being sanctimonious.

Lance Armstrong will pay the price, he will not escape the consequences. that's his problem. I don't take any pleasure in that. I don't need revenge. I am disappointed. I do maintain that this is yet another example of why we shouldn't make infallible God's out of other people. I probably learned that by experience. I sure enjoyed watching him ride though. I will miss that more than anything. I'll probably think about that as I continue my ride around Lake Michigan this coming Spring.


Lionel Osborne said...

"We have to guard against being sanctimonious." - Good thing he never raced in pajamas.

Joe Cramer said...

He may have competed in pajamas when he ran the marathon. I hear it was a real yawner. Thanks.....Joe

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