Monday, April 2, 2012

Fixing this blankety blank blog

I am going to attempt to update this blog site. To most of you that operation wouldn't be any big deal. For me, it's a major undertaking fraught with danger. What if I punch the wrong button? What if I send everything into the cloud and it never comes back? What if I do a total disconnect? There is no one here to stop me from incorrect actions. The terrible things that can happen are endless. I have no choice really though, the comment section is messed up, the counter section is messed up and interaction, which has always been so enjoyable and informative is messed up big time too. So, I am giving you ample notice that if this blog explodes I will eventually figure out another avenue of communication. Ah, the good old days when change took decades instead of weeks or days. So, here it goes. Bye for now. Wish me luck....................Later.....Joe

1 comment:

Joe Cramer said...

This is a test to find out if my comment section is working. I just made some adjustments to my settings. Let me know if you see this. Thanks...........Joe

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