Friday, March 30, 2012

I wonder, Area 51

I wonder about things sometimes. Not that I am much of a pessimist but on certain occasions my sense of natural order needs an element of doubt.

Why would I take financial advice from a person that went bankrupt and lost everything and probably took down a few other people at the same time and then used the money he took from others to ammass a new fortune?????????????

What type of secret "flexibility" in dealing with other countries does a president need that he can't use or reveal to us until he can't be re-elected????

When it comes to the occupy movement: I think we need the rich. As much as we enjoy the blaming game, in order for everything to work and progress we need people who are able to accumulate money and finance big stuff like buildings, highways, factories and farms. I wonder: do we need any part of the occupy movement??????????

Why, when the news media reports a story concerning a difficult life situation, do they always portray a woman, and most often a single mom? Are there not men, some of whom are single dads who deserve to have their story told???? I mean really, media profiling is so obvious.

I wonder about the government laws concerning what we can and cannot eat. Isn't it the "Communist Manifesto" we were all so appalled by that gets into specific dietary requirements????????

I wonder who came up with the idea for Jane Fonda to play Mrs. Reagen in the upcoming movie? I realize she is a good actress but is it intended as some sort of subliminal slap in the face to that very popular president??????

If all the new teaching methods are all that good, why are so many of our kids getting out of high school unable to speak, write or read proper english or graduating from college without the skills to get a career?????????

I have seen tattoos on people of all ages, from babies up to great grandparents and every age in between. In my ignorance I often wonder why anyone would want to have anything permenant like that???????

And of course ther is always area 51 isn't there?

I often wonder why I wonder about so many things??????????????


Realbob said...

Joe, as usual I ejoyed your comments ! I have many of the same questions ! I think yesterday I sent you a couple. Keep up the good work ! Bob T

Joe Cramer said...

Yeah, you did Bob! If we lived a life void of questions, how lachluster it would be. A huge question: Why is it that when we finally have all the answers, we're too occupied with other things to utilize them? I really felt Kentucky would win but had the bracket filled out to Kansas by mistake. Duh!There went my big winnings.

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